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Weightlifting Tape - Blue/Black/Pink Box of 30 Rolls

$200.00 AUD


Weightlifting House is the home of weightlifters. We are athletes and coaches with decades of experience in the sport between us. Through our website, podcasts and videos, our mission is to bring the sport closer to its fans.

Everyone at Weightlifting House lifts regularly, so we understand the daily struggles of hook grip. Our tape is designed to enable you to lift more and hurt less by reducing wear and tear.

We believe our tape offers the best value on the market, with longer rolls, more adhesive and a fabric that is just right. It is flexible and tears easily but is also durable enough to make it through even the toughest sessions.

  • STICKY – Our double layer of adhesive keeps the tape in place without leaving a residue
  • STRETCHY – Flexible fabric allows for full thumb ROM without restrictions
  • DURABLE – Tough enough to last a whole session
  • LONGER THAN OTHER TAPES – At 7 metres per roll, our tape lasts longer than the rest
  • AS USED BY – Ilya Ilyin, Loredana Toma, Meso Hassona and many more elite athletes

In stock

This is a box of 30 rolls of our weightlifting tape, designed to be sold individually by resellers.

Comes complete with display box and A2 Poster.

As used by World Silver medalist Meso Hassona and World Champion Loredana Toma.

Our W|H tape is designed to protect your thumbs while using hook grip to withstand hard, long term training programming

We think our tape offers the best value for money on the market. It is extra sticky, tears easily (no need for scissors) and is flexible, so it won’t get in your way. It doesn’t leave a nasty residue on your thumbs afterwards either.

  • Longest tape on the market | 30 x 24′/7m rolls of tape
  • Extra adhesive
  • Easy to tear
  • Zero residue

Free Shipping – UK

The official thumb tape of British Weightlifting.

Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 10 cm


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