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Weightlifting Thumb Tape – Blue (Box of 3 rolls)

$29.99 AUD

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As used by World Silver medalist Meso Hassona and World Champion Loredana Toma.

Our W|H tape is designed to protect your thumbs while using hook grip to withstand hard, long term training programming.

We think our tape offers the best value for money on the market. It is extra sticky, tears easily (no need for scissors) and is flexible, so it won’t get in your way. It doesn’t leave a nasty residue on your thumbs afterwards either.

  • longest tape on the market | 3 x 24′/7m rolls of tape
  • Extra adhesive
  • Easy to tear
  • Zero residue


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3 reviews for Weightlifting Thumb Tape – Blue (Box of 3 rolls)

  1. Keith Morgan

    It works well

  2. george.kinnell (verified owner)

    Quite pricey compared to some non weightlifting specific EAB tape, but it’s great tape – I never experienced a need to reapply mid-workout like I sometimes do with cheaper tape. Each individual roll lasts pretty well, you’ll get several weeks of training from a single roll.

  3. Luke Mander

    Tried out quite a few tapes on the market ( searching amazon ect) and this seems to be the best….. no need to reapply tape mid workout as it has good stick,and good amount on each roll ( a roll lasts me a long time!)
    Been using this tape now for about two years possibly?…. and i can say i am a happy customer with this tape!!!

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