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Weightlifting Thumb Tape - Black & Gold (Box of 3 rolls)

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As used by World Silver medalist Meso Hassona and World Champion Loredana Toma.

Our W|H tape is designed to protect your thumbs while using hook grip to withstand hard, long term training programming.

We think our tape offers the best value for money on the market. It is extra sticky, tears easily (no need for scissors) and is flexible, so it won’t get in your way. It doesn’t leave a nasty residue on your thumbs afterwards either.

  • longest tape on the market | 3 x 24′/7m rolls of tape
  • Extra adhesive
  • Easy to tear
  • Zero residue


4 reviews for Weightlifting Thumb Tape – Black & Gold (Box of 3 rolls)

  1. Ryan

    Best tape I’ve used. Easy to rip off and plenty on the roll means it lasts ages. I follow the company’s content online which is class and the first time buying from them. They backdated their flag offer on another purchase as it was originally out of stock. Had an issue with the tape order that was sent but they went above and beyond to solve the issue very quickly. Absolute pleasure to deal with

  2. Christian (verified owner)

    This is one of the best tapes I`ve used so far.
    It comes in different colors and carries the Weightlifting House logo.
    It looks pretty cool on your fingers.

    But who cares about looks with regards to a thumb tape?
    So let`s talk specs for a second and check the claims in the description:

    “It is extra sticky…”

    It actually stays on your thumb in the very shape you`ve put it on.
    No scrambling, crunching or sliding off of the fingers!

    “tears easily (no need for scissors)…”

    Yes, it does. You can put it on with your bare hands. In fact, it tears so easily you do not unroll any excess tape while tearing it.
    Had that problem with many other tapes.

    “and is flexible…”

    I have a shattered joint in one of my pinkie fingers. Sometimes the finger slides off the bar, scratches along the nurling etc pp. So I like to stabilize and protect it.
    It is hard to bend even without tape. Not with this tape! I can still flex and bend this damn finger as if there was no tape. Perfect!

    “It doesn’t leave a nasty residue on your thumbs afterwards either…”

    Yes, no residue anywhere.
    Other tapes tend to form residues at the edges, but nope, nothing like that.

    So the marketing claims are all true! Very good tape that I would absolutely recommend to everyone, who wants to fling a barbell around.
    Is it the best tape in the world? It comes pretty damn close.

  3. Lukas (verified owner)

    It’s a game changer for me. Ordering 2nd time and I think I will buy it as long as I will lift. Tears very easily, sticks to the thumb great and doesn’t leave any glue when you take it off. It also last’s for weeks. Love it.

  4. Ben

    By far the best tape i’ve ever used. Tears and sticks easily, and leaves no residue.
    The rolls themselves contain a tonne of tape, and it’s thicker than other tapes i’ve used in the past, meaning it’ll last forever on my childlike hands.
    Highly recommended.

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