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Sergei Putsov on Ukrainian Weightlifting

Sergei Putsov – Five Things I Learned

Sergei Putsov has been an athlete since he was seven years old. Initially, he started by playing tennis, but having a father who was the national team coach in weightlifting, things seemed to unfold as you’d predict. By the age of fourteen, Sergei started training in weightlifting, reaching peak form nearly a decade later, going […]

Glenn Pendlay free training program

From the Archives: Coach Pendlay’s Unknown Program

Intro Glenn Pendlay, aka The People’s Coach, will forever be enshrined as one of the most impactful figures in weightlifting over the last three decades. His passing may have signaled an end to his coaching career, but will never cease the influence he continues to have on the sport and many of the athletes and […]

Weightlifting Chaos as IWF President is Ousted | WL News Show

Watch the full Weightlifting News as we cover everything that has happened to the IWF over the last 72 hours. The International Weightlifting Federation Executive Board has controversially voted to remove Ursula Papandrea as Acting President and replace her with Thailand’s Intarat Yodbangtoey. The decision comes amidst a battle over the future direction of the […]

Spencer Arnold as taken by YKS Media

Spencer Arnold – Five Things I Learned

Spencer Arnold of Power and Grace Performance is on the rise in the weightlifting world. From someone who started as an undersized athlete and eventually became an American Open champion in the 69kg class (2012), multiple time medalist at USAW Nationals, and coach to some of the best weightlifters in the world (e.g. Harrison Maurus, […]

Weightlifting House News SHow for weightlifting fans and athletes

Shi Zhiyong Jumps Higher Than You! & The Glenn Pendlay Method is Here! WL News 10/09

Here is this week’s update on the sport of Weightlifting – 03/09/20 Time Stamps 00:00 – Intro00:19 – The Glenn Pendlay Method02:19 – Shi Zhiyong’s Ridiculous Hops04:40 – Liang Xiaou Mei’s 110kg Hang Snatch05:25 – Huang Minhao’s 150kg Snatch06:05 – Lu Delin’s 175kg Snatch08:45 – Ali Reza Soleimani’s 200kg PC+Jerk09:04 – Meso Hasona’s 200kg Clean […]

Tapering Strategies for Weightlifters

The Tapering Practices of Weightlifters: Survey Invite

Calling all Weightlifters! We are sending out a call to all competitive Weightlifters to participate in a survey that investigates the tapering practices of Weightlifters. If you have competed in a Weightlifting competition in the last 12-months, we would love to have you take part! Dr Hayden Pritchard is leading a team of researchers who […]

How to qualify for the Olympics in Weightlifting - Robi points and country placing

How to Qualify for the Olympics | Weightlifting

How do you qualify for the Olympics in Weightlifting? Over the years the Olympic qualification process has changed, from simply turning up, to scoring places at the proceeding World Championships, to the current and most complicated 18-month qualifying system. ⁣⁣In this video, we cover the history of qualifying, why changes were made, Robi points, the […]

Ilya Ilyin Biggest Lifts, Childhood, and training program

Ilya Ilyin Interview – His Childhood & The Development Of His Training Program| Part 1

Ilya Ilyin is arguably the most famous weightlifter of all-time. As much as his two Olympic gold medals and his unbeaten track record built his legend, the loss of his medals through retroactive drug testing built his infamy. Behind the headlines is an incredible story of a Kazakh athlete who was plucked from his family […]

Can I be a weightlifting coach? What personality type is best for becoming a weightlifting coach?

Does Success in Coaching Attract a Particular Personality Type?

Have you ever wondered any of the following? Is there a certain personality type that is attracted to coaching weightlifting? Are there differences in personality between elite and recreational coaches? Are their personalities that are biased towards a particular trait, but not others (i.e. extraversion or agreeableness)?  This is a topic we set out to […]

Transgender Athletes in weightlifting, a full guide

Transgender Weightlifters: A Complete Guide | Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum

The inclusion of transgender athletes in sport is a difficult topic to understand and prescribe rules for, not least in a sport like weightlifting where the difference in ability between men and women is the greatest of all Olympic sports at around 40%, compared with the 10-12% average across all other sports. You can listen […]