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Lasha Talakhadze and Kaye Nye win IWF 2019 Weightlifters of the Year

Lasha Talakhadze and Kate Nye Win the 2019 IWF Lifter of the Year Awards

A record number of 50,514 weightlifting fans voted for the 2019 IWF World Weightlifter of the Year. It is certainly reassuring to see that weightlifting is still growing in popularity, despite recent troubles from within our sport. Lasha Talakhadze (GEO +109kg) This year Georgia’s Lasha Talakhadze defended his title on the men’s side, winning for […]

Ilya Ilya Beats Meso Hassona to win the 6th International Solidarity Championships

6th International Solidarity Championships | Results & Start Book

The 6th International Solidarity Weightlifting Championships is a qualification event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. This competition is a silver tier qualifier, running from February 8th-12th. Download the start book Results Men’s 55kg – WRs 135WS/166/294 Athlete Country Snatch C+J Total Pos. SAECHAO Tonesien LAO 90/93/96 112/116/121 212 2 NIYOYITA Davis UGA 80/87/92 100/110/120 […]

How to increase your back squat in weightlifting with pin squats, tempo squats, and banded squats

Mastering the Squat: Three Overlooked Squat Variations

You will be hard-pressed to find a weightlifter who isn’t looking to further develop their squat (back, front) max or technical execution. Unless you have reached the acclaimed Ilya Ilyin 2014 status your best bet is to keep improving the squat and its variations. As simple as this sounds, many people struggle the most with […]

Results and start list of the 5th International Fajr Cup weightlifting competition

5th International Fajr Cup | Results & Start List

The 5th International Fajr Cup is an Olympic Qualification Event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and will run from the 1st to the 5th of February 2020 in Rasht, Iran. This competition is a silver tier event, meaning that it offers athletes a 5% Robi point bonus. As the clock to Tokyo runs down, […]

Results, Start list, and schedule, from the Rome 2020 Weightlifting World Cup

Roma 2020 Weightlifting World Cup | Results & Start Book/Schedule

The Roma 2020 Weightlifting World Cup is a silver tier Olympic qualifier, meaning that athletes receive a 5% Robi point bonus for their total. The competition runs from January 27-31st in Rome, Italy. Start Book & Schedule To view the start book and schedule for the Roma 2020 Weightlifting World Cup click here. Results Women […]

Max Aita, taught by Bulgarian Ivan Abadjiev, taught us five major lessons about Olympic Weightlifting

Max Aita – Five Things I Learned (part two)

This is another, perhaps overdue, installment in the Five Things I Learned series. Once again the article is highlighting insightful, thought-provoking information coming from the well respected Max Aita. During our trip to California, we met up with Max and managed to record one of the greatest podcasts I have ever listened to and been […]

Team China weightlifting compete in Tramelan, Shi Zhiyong topless as the photo

China’s A-Team head to Switzerland for 49th ‘Challenge 210’

The 49th ‘Challenge 210’ takes place next week in Tramelan, Switzerland, October 24-27th. This competition is a bronze tier qualifying event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and acts as one of the six necessary competitions that can fulfill qualification. Amongst those on the start list for this competition are China’s A-team, a team that comprises […]

Weightlifting Technique (snatch and clean & jerk) by Dane Miller of Garage Strength

How Dane Miller Changed the Way I Teach the Snatch and Clean

This is a game-changer. I don’t want to overhype the change in my technical approach, but it has really done wonders for my athletes and my own lifting. The issue was that I couldn’t fully grasp and explain the 3rd phase of the snatch and clean. This led to problems of execution, inconsistent movement, and […]

Chinese weightlifter Deng Wei snatching 112 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

The Secrets of Chinese Weightlifting – Pt. 1

There was another phenomenal video posted by Shenzhen Weightlifting on Youtube discussing a few of the training secrets Chinese coaches use to aid in producing the best weightlifters on the planet.  The video opens with Tan Hanyong, the national team head coach, discussing the necessity of an individualized program.  “We have different types of athletes. […]