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Lu Xiaojun discusses his 207kg clean and jerk world record in an interview with weightlifting house

Lu Xiaojun Relives his 207kg World Record | WH Interview Part 2

10 years after his first world title in 2009 aged 25, Lu Xiaojun won the 2019 World championships. Despite pulling his back during the snatches, Lu went on to hit a competition personal record at 207kg to maintain his title as world champion and set new world records in the clean and jerk and total. […]

Jon North explaining his technique on how to snatch on the weightlifting house podcast

Jon North Interview | Understanding the Technical Model of the Pull

Jon North rose to fame in the weightlifting world a decade ago, in part due to his charismatic and extreme training videos, but also due to his relatively contentious technical videos. With terms like ‘superman pull’, ‘horses out of a gate’, and the ‘arched angel’, Jon has impacted the way many teach the lifts and […]

How weightlifters pass drug tests - PEDs, Steroids

How Athletes Pass Drug Tests, & The History of PEDs in Weightlifting w/ Alex Kolliari-Turner

This was by far the most insightful episode that we have ever recorded on drug use in weightlifting. Alex took us through the history and development of PEDs, both within and outside of weightlifting, including how the two of them were involved in each others’ development. We spoke about drug testing, the advancement of WADA’s […]

Seb Ostrowicz on Olympic Fever

Explaining Weightlifting to the Masses | Olympic Fever meets Weightlifting House

I, Seb Ostrowicz, got an opportunity recently to be the first point of contact that many people will have with the sport of weightlifting. Most of my conversations these days, fortunately, are with people who are dedicating or have dedicated their lives to the intricacies of our sport. Rarely do I sit down and explain […]

Vladimir Safonov Interview on Weightlifting

Vladimir Safonov Q&A (Russian Translation)

Exclusive to Weightlifting House we are finally releasing the Vladimir Safonov interview that Joshua Gibson recorded last year. Until now this video has been available only to our Patreon followers, but we decided we would release it now to the weightlifting community at large. Time Stamps When you’re looking for (youth) weightlifters to coach what […]

Bruce Klemens' photo of Alexander Varbanov

Alexander Varbanov Interview (part 2) – Failing Attempts to Avoid Jail

Alexander Varbanov is one of the greatest weightlifters of all-time, and I really mean that. His performance in the -75 kg weight class of 167.5/215/382.5 kg at the 1988 World Cup in Plovid is the 9th highest Sinclair ever of 485.78. Not only were his weightlifting abilities incredible, but so were the circumstances and situations […]

Kazakh weightlifter Ilya Ilyin talks about his training

Ilya Ilyin Interview | Part 2 (Translation)

This is part 2 of the Ilya Ilyin interview by Yarkin Vyacheslav. Yarkin gave Weightlifting House permission to translate and publish this interview in order to help spread Ilya’s thoughts on various topics to the English speaking world. You can check out part 1 here. With the help of Tyler Hodgin, aka our Kazakh correspondent, […]

Interview with Bulgarian weightlifter Zlatan Vanev

Zlatan Vanev Full Interview

Last month Zlatan Vanev, one of the sport’s fiercest competitors, was a guest on the show ‘Code: Sport’ on TV+, a Bulgarian channel. Until now this interview has only been accessible to Bulgarian speakers, but thanks to our friend Aleksandar Angelov Weightlifting now has a full translation of the interview. Topics Zlatan’s rebel personality and […]