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Lu Xiaojun's Unofficial World Record & Clarence Kennedy Reclaims his 0 | WL News

Lu Xiaojun’s Unofficial World Record & Clarence Reclaims his 0 | WL News

At 36 years of age, Lu Xiaojun exceeded the World Record yet again in training. Clarence Kennedy graced us with some highlights from his last few months of training, and WADA has forced the IWF’s hand to start on the path of retesting 130 hidden samples. Timestamp: 00:00 – Intro01:06 – 130 Hidden Doping Results03:43 […]

Lasha Talakhadze hits the heaviest snatch of all time at 222kg

Lasha Talakhadze 222kg/489lbs Snatch | WL News

This week, Georgia’s Lasha Talakhadze (+109) hit the heaviest snatch ever recorded on film at 222kg / 489/lbs during a national test event. Alongside a 255kg clean and jerk, Lasha totaled 477kg, a weight that only he has ever beating internationally in the history of the sport. Prior, the heaviest snatch ever recorded in competition, […]

Weightlifting House News SHow for weightlifting fans and athletes

Shi Zhiyong Jumps Higher Than You! & The Glenn Pendlay Method is Here! WL News 10/09

Here is this week’s update on the sport of Weightlifting – 03/09/20 Time Stamps 00:00 – Intro00:19 – The Glenn Pendlay Method02:19 – Shi Zhiyong’s Ridiculous Hops04:40 – Liang Xiaou Mei’s 110kg Hang Snatch05:25 – Huang Minhao’s 150kg Snatch06:05 – Lu Delin’s 175kg Snatch08:45 – Ali Reza Soleimani’s 200kg PC+Jerk09:04 – Meso Hasona’s 200kg Clean […]

Oleksiy Torokhtiy interview with Weightlifting House

Torokhtiy Relives His Olympic Gold Medal

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to lift the gold medal-winning lift over your head at the Olympics? Oleksiy Torokhtiy (UKR) spoke to us about that very moment from the 2012 Olympic Games where he took the gold in the -105 kg weight class with a 185 kg snatch and a […]

Lasha Talakhadze Muscle Snatches and Back Squats at the 2019 World Championships

Lasha Talakhadze | Muscle Snatch Triple at 130kg & 285kg Squats

If you want to know what type of training session proceeds a 210kg snatch and a 255kg clean and jerk – the heaviest training hall total of all time – this is it. This is the session that sets the next in motion, and so though it doesn’t contain any full lifts, the success of […]

Lasha Talakhadze and Lu Xiaojun at the 2019 World Championships training hall

Inside The Weightlifting World Championships Training Hall | Day 1

This is part one in the new Weightlifting House YouTube series where we take you into the most competitive, most elite training hall in the world at the Weightlifting World Championships 2019. Each day hundreds of the greatest weightlifters in the world, and a small handful of the greatest of all-time, train side by side, […]

Shi Zhiyong & Li Dayin heavy training session

Shi Zhiyong & Li Dayin Training Session | Team China 2019 World Weightlifting Championships

Two days before becoming a three-time world champion, Olympic Champion Shi Zhiyong (73 CHN) hit a session in the training hall comprised of heavy snatch pulls and snatch deadlifts, up to 230kg. One platform over was teammate Li Dayin (81 CHN) who completed clean and jerks, front squats, and snatches. By Robi points, these to […]