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Lasha Talakhadze heaviest training hall total ever

Lasha Talakhadze Hits the Heaviest Training Hall Total Ever

The Georgian superstar Lasha Talakhadze turned up to the training hall yesterday and put on a show. After hitting 200 kg in the snatch for a ‘double’ (15s rest), he hit 210 kg for two singles, equal to the heaviest training hall snatch ever. This is the type of snatch that the greatest super heavyweights […]

Team Armenia Unofficially Smash World Records In Advance of 2019 World Championships

Despite being unable to take more than two men and two women to the Tokyo Olympics, Armenia is still planning on sending a full team to the 2019 World Championships next month, and it really is quite a team. Most recently their two top male international medalists Simon Martirosyan, the Olympic silver medalist and current […]

Iranian weightlifter Bahramzadeh Mohsen exceeds the world record snatch

Bahramzadeh Mohsen (IRI 109) Goes 197/237 in Training (Unofficial World Record!)

Meanwhile in Iran… Bahramzadeh Mohsen just exceeded the world record snatch with 197 kg in training, which he followed up by smashing a 237 kg clean and jerk. Though not quite in excess of the world record, 237 kg has only been exceeded in the new 109 kg weight class in competition once by world […]

Ali Davoudi clean and jerks unnoficial jr world record of 240 kg

Ali Davoudi Exceeds Jr. World Record with 240 kg

The 2019 Asian Champion Ali Davoudi (IRI +109) just clean and jerked 240 kg having only just turned 20 years of age. This is now 3 kg over his competition best and also his own junior world record of 237 kg.  Ali Davoudi owns all of the junior world records in the super heavyweight category, […]

Iran weightlifter and world record holder Sohrab Moradi comeback lifts tracker

Sohrab Moradi Comeback Tracker

The next 6 months of Sohrab Moradi’s training will be interesting to watch as he returns from the brink of spinal surgery all the way to the 2019 World Championships. After finding out that Sohrab Moradi (IRI-96) would not need to undergo surgery, I thought it would be worth tracking his progress over the next […]

Tian Tao 210 kg clean and jerk at the 2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships

Tian Tao Arrives at the Asian Champs – 210 C&J, 290 Back Squat

The Olympic silver-medalist Tian Tao (CHN -96) has turned up alongside the rest of the Chinese national team at the training hall of the 2019 Asian Championships in his home country. Fortunately for us, ATG is there keeping us all updated with the awesome footage. Tian hit a comfortable 210 kg clean and jerk which […]

Youth WOrld Record holder CJ Cummings for a clean plus two jerks

CJ Cummings 185 kg 2+1 Clean & Jerk

73 kg junior world record holder CJ Cummings added a further 5 kilos to last week’s performance with this 185 kg clean and two jerks. This lift is just 2 kg under his international personal best, his 187 kg junior world record from the 2018 World Championships in Ashgabat. At the junior national championships last […]

Olympic Champion Lasha Talakhadze 210 kg snatch

Lasha Talakhadze 210 kg Snatch At European Training Hall

The snatch world record holder (220) and owner of the biggest total of all time (477) Lasha Talakhadze just snatched 210 kg in the training hall at the 2019 European Championships in his home country of Georgia. This lift was caught on film by hookgrip. The nonchalance with which Lasha lifts this weight is staggering! […]

Belarus weightlifter Andrei Aryamnov 190kg snatch

Andrei Aryamnov 190 kg Snatch

More success for the 2008 Olympic champion Andrei Aryamnov with this comeback PR in the snatch of 190 kg, 7 kilos more than we have seen from him from the floor for several years. It has been less than one and a half years since Aryamnov returned to training after five years of retirement and […]

American Weightlifter Kate Nye Jerks 142 kg off the blocks

Kate Nye (USA-71) 142 kg Jerk PR (Double Bodyweight)

The USA snatch record holder Kate Nye has just jerked 142 kg off the blocks, 7kg more than the PR jerk of 135 kg that she hinted to on her last appearance on the weightlifting house podcast just two months ago. This lift is 6 kg over the American standard clean and jerk of 136 […]