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Shi Zhiyong Takes Over Chinese Nationals, and Doppelgängers are in the IWF | WL News

This week in weightlifting A report by the World Anti-Doping Agency Intelligence and Investigations department has revealed new allegations of methods used to avoid positive tests in weightlifting. Chinese Nationals saw multiple unofficial world records and highly contested battles The elite athletes of the sport continue to train hard in spite of continued uncertainness Time […]

Weightlifting Chaos as IWF President is Ousted | WL News Show

Watch the full Weightlifting News as we cover everything that has happened to the IWF over the last 72 hours. The International Weightlifting Federation Executive Board has controversially voted to remove Ursula Papandrea as Acting President and replace her with Thailand’s Intarat Yodbangtoey. The decision comes amidst a battle over the future direction of the […]

Lu Xiaojun's Unofficial World Record & Clarence Kennedy Reclaims his 0 | WL News

Lu Xiaojun’s Unofficial World Record & Clarence Reclaims his 0 | WL News

At 36 years of age, Lu Xiaojun exceeded the World Record yet again in training. Clarence Kennedy graced us with some highlights from his last few months of training, and WADA has forced the IWF’s hand to start on the path of retesting 130 hidden samples. Timestamp: 00:00 – Intro01:06 – 130 Hidden Doping Results03:43 […]

Lasha Talakhadze hits the heaviest snatch of all time at 222kg

Lasha Talakhadze 222kg/489lbs Snatch | WL News

This week, Georgia’s Lasha Talakhadze (+109) hit the heaviest snatch ever recorded on film at 222kg / 489/lbs during a national test event. Alongside a 255kg clean and jerk, Lasha totaled 477kg, a weight that only he has ever beating internationally in the history of the sport. Prior, the heaviest snatch ever recorded in competition, […]

Weightlifting House News SHow for weightlifting fans and athletes

Shi Zhiyong Jumps Higher Than You! & The Glenn Pendlay Method is Here! WL News 10/09

Here is this week’s update on the sport of Weightlifting – 03/09/20 Time Stamps 00:00 – Intro00:19 – The Glenn Pendlay Method02:19 – Shi Zhiyong’s Ridiculous Hops04:40 – Liang Xiaou Mei’s 110kg Hang Snatch05:25 – Huang Minhao’s 150kg Snatch06:05 – Lu Delin’s 175kg Snatch08:45 – Ali Reza Soleimani’s 200kg PC+Jerk09:04 – Meso Hasona’s 200kg Clean […]

The Big Dogs Return to Competition, BUT Corruption Still Remains | WL News

This week’s Weightlifting News Show covered ex-IWF President Tamas Ajan’s continual corruption, the running and success of the IWF’s second online competition, and the best lifts from training halls and garages around the world. Time Stamps 00:00 – Intro00:25 – Tamas Ajan Stealing More Money02:42 – IWF’s Online Weightlifting Competition04:34 – Zulfiya Chinshanlo05:20 – Luo […]

Heaviest Hang Snatch Ever & Koha Retires | WL News

Heaviest Hang Snatch Ever, Koha Retires, & Lasha vs Lovchev | WL News

Full news from the sport of Weightlifting | 30th Jul – 6th Aug Time Stamps 00:00 – Intro00:23 – Doping Pops02:24 – Lu Xiaojun02:45 – Lu Delin 190kg Hang Snatch05:36 – Deng Hua06:28 – Li Fabin 180kg Jerk07:45 – Li Wenwen 230kg Squat10:36 – Jin Yun Seong 210 C&J11:41 – Lee Sang Returns12:16 – Sang […]

Lasha Talakhadze Reveals Himself, & Rebeka Koha Converts to Islam | WL News

Lasha Talakhadze Reveals Himself, & Rebeka Koha Converts to Islam | WL News

Catch-up with all of this week’s Weightlifting News in one place – Weightlifting House Time Stamps 00:00 – Intro00:39 – Lu Xiaojun Getting Weaker?02:18 – Lu Delin’s Insane Lifts04:05 – Tian Tao Big Pause Squat05:03 – Deng Wei’s 125kg C+J06:08 – Eko Yuli Irawan STILL Going07:07 – Who’s China Going to Send?09:04 – Toshiki Senpai’s […]

Can Sohrab Moradi Qualify for the Olympics? Mattie Rogers PR snatches

Can Moradi Make the Olympics? And Mattie Rogers Takes Over | WL News Show 7/9/20

This week I walk through the two only possible ways that Sohrab Moradi can hope to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games in the hope of holding onto his Olympic title. Julio Majora snatches over the world record, and Mattie Rogers hits some PRs. Subscribe to the Weightlifting House YouTube page, and sign up to […]

Weightlifting News Show featuring Lu Xiaojun, Tian Tao, and many world records

Lu Xiaojun & Tian Tao Powers, & Huge WR Jerks | WL News Show 07/02/20

This week we saw multiple unofficial world record jerks, as well as a 146kg unofficial WR snatch by 61kg He Yueji. Lu Xiaojun (81) and Tian Tao (96) hit some heavy power snatches, though no one is yet to catch a 160kg power snatch higher than Boady Santavy (96) who threw down his new PR […]