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Chinese Weightlifter Zhou Xiaoman attempts a new world record in the clean and jerk with 186 kg.

Zhou Xiaoman (CN +87kg) Attempts WR Clean & Jerk But Plates Fall Off

The Chinese super heavy Zhou Xiaoman competed last weekend at the IWF Egat Cup, an Olympic qualifying event in Thailand. Zhou took a very comfortable win in both lifts and of course the total over her teammate and silver medalist Jia Weipeng (116 / 153 / 269 kg) and the bronze medalist from Korea Lee […]

17 year old weightlifter Enzo Kuworge snatches a personal best 166 kg and back squats a personal best of 300 kg.

17 y/o Enzo Kuworge (DE +109 kg) Snatches 166 kg & Squats 300 kg

The young Dutch giant Enzo Kuworge just hit a personal best in the snatch of 166 kg in a national competition. Though stronger off blocks having hit 175 kg last December, Enzo is enormously talented with lots of time to improve more. Just four days later Enzo went on to hit another personal best, this […]

Chinese snatch world record holder Wu Jingbaio jerks 8 kg over world record clean and jerk, and snatches 130 kg.

Wu Jingbiao (CN -55) Snatches 130 kg and Jerks 170 kg – 8 kg Above World Record

The 56 kg world record holder Wu Jingbaio just hit a very comfortable looking 130 kg snatch in training, 9 kg less than his best ever snatch of 139 kg from the 2015 World Championships in Houston. This lift was preceded by a staggering 170 kg jerk, 1 kg under his previous weightclass (-56 kg) […]

2017 World Weightlifting Champion Arley Mendez Snatches 170 kg, 160 kg for a hang snatch double, and 150 kg for a hang snatch triple.

World Champion Arley Mendez Returns From Injury

The 2017 85 kg World Weightlifting champion Arley Mendez has returned to training after a disappointing performance at the 2018 WWC. At the 2017 WWC Arley was in phenomenal shape, defeating the Olympic Champion with a sensational 175 kg snatch and even an attempt at a new world record clean and jerk of 221 kg […]

Youth world record holder and senior American record holder Harrison Maurus snatch balances 190 kg as an 81 kg lifter.

Harrison Maurus (81 kg) Snatch Balances 190 kg

18 year old Harrison Maurus just hit a snatch balance 33 kg heavier than his competition snatch with an enormous 190 kg lift. With a training best snatch of 160 kg this lift goes to show that Harrison certainly has a real reserve of over head strength. Harrison recently also just hit a 205 kg […]

Chinese Olympic Weightlifters Lu Xiaojun and Tian Tao oerform rack holds and jerk dips with weight far heavier than their max effort clean and jerk and front squat.

Team China Un-rack Some Serious Weight

Team China is well known for their heavy rack holds, but rarely have we seen them push these holds to their maximal limits. It is not uncommon to see the Chinese national team un-rack and even perform rack dips with loads far above their max clean and jerks and even front squats just days before […]

CJ Cummings 180kg Clean + 8 Front Squats

CJ Cummings has recently started performing a front squat workout that starts with the bar on the platform rather than in a rack. Once CJ has cleaned the weight, a weight that is in its own right a pretty heavy single in the clean for any training session, he must then perform a front squat […]

Japanese 73 kg weightlifter Masanori Miyamoto unofficially jerks 200 kg world record.

Masanori Miyamoto (73 kg JPN) Exceeds WR with 200kg Jerk

73 kg Masanori Miyamoto just exceeded the existing 73 kg class clean and jerk world record by 4 kg in the rack jerk. The current world record belongs to the Chinese sensation Shi Zhiyong who set both the snatch and the clean and jerk world record at the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships with a 164/196/360 […]

World Weightlifting Championships medalist and American record holder Mattie Rogers (71 kg) hang power cleans 110 kg for a double.

Mattie Rogers (71 kg) 110 kg Hang Power Clean Double

2017 World Championships bronze medalist Mattie Rogers just hit a 110 kg hang power clean double in training last week. The last time we saw Mattie compete was at the 2018 World Championships in Ashgabat last November where she took 5th place with a 5 for 6 105/133/238 kg performance. Mattie has described this movement […]

Canadian Senior Weightlifting Record holder Boady Santavy sentenced to jail for 90 days post hit and run incident.

Boady Santavy Sentenced to 90 Days in Jail

The senior Canadian record holder Boady Santavy has been sentenced to 90 days in jail following an incident from April 2018. Boady has been charged for leaving the scene of a crash, previously described by the Blackburn News as a ‘hit and run collision’, having knocked down and caused ‘serious injuries‘ to a pedestrian. Boady […]


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