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American Record holder in the snatch Kate Nye PRs power snatch and power clean off blocks with 90kg/120kg.

Kate Nye 90kg/120kg Powers From Blocks

71kg Kate Nye hit some big power PRs off blocks this week, the first and more debatable of the two was a 90kg power snatch, the second was a 120kg block power clean, an amazing lift for someone who’s best clean & jerk is 130kg – that’s 92%. The power snatch was a 2kg PR […]

Irish Weightlifter Clarence Kennedy back squats 306kg ATG with a pause without a belt or knee sleeves ATG

Clarence Kennedy 306kg Pause Back Squat RAW

The Irish ‘Harry Squatter’ hit a PR back squat at 306kg without sleeves or a belt. Clarence started squatting with a pause several years ago after developing knee pain back in 2012. After several interventions including a cortisol shot and an anesthetic injection Clarence underwent surgery (learn more about that here). Since then he has […]

Finish national weightlifting champion Milko Tokola with a PR jerk as well as heavy deadlifts for the Olympian and IWF competitor.

Milko Tokola 200kg Jerk 1 Year After Retirement

The Finnish 85kg weightlifter once known for his aggression and on stage antics just jerked an all time personal best of 200kg after 364 days of ‘retirement’. The Finnish record holder mentioned on this post that he was done with the sport due to the lack of respect and support that he faced as a […]

Sarah Robles 140kg Power Clean & Power Jerk

2017 World Champion Sarah Robles just hit a 140kg power clean & power jerk, an enormous lift for the women’s +87kg weight class. At her last competition, the 2018 WWC, Sarah placed 5th with a 6 for 6 128/162/290kg performance setting personal bests in both lifts and new American records in the clean & jerk […]

Boady Santavy (96) 191kg /420lbs Power Clean & Power Jerk

Canada’s no.1 weightlifter Boady Santavy hit a 191kg power clean & power jerk for a personal best in training this week. Boady said that he attempted the lift in order to beat his friend Meso Hassona who hit this 190kg power clean & push jerk last December. Boady placed 7th at the 2018 WWC where […]

Talha Talib 143kg Unofficial Junior World Record Snatch

Pakistan’s 67kg youth sensation Talha Talib snatched an unofficial Junior World Record of 143kg at the Quaid-e-Azam provincial championships. The technique, speed, and depth of the young 19 year old is extremely impressive and predictive of exciting things to come. The current holder of the Junior World Record is Uzbekistan’s Adkhamjon Ergashev who made 142kg […]

Loredana Toma (64) 165kg Front Squat

The 2017 world champion from Romania hit a 165kg front squat in training just two months after placing 4th at the 2018 WWC. Loredana originally placed 5th but due to the disqualification of Tzu-Chi Lin from Chinese Taipei she bumped up a spot. Since the 2018 WWC Loredana has been pushing the strength work, also […]

Harrison Maurus 160kg Snatch PR

18 year old Harrison Maurus (81 kg) just hit an all-time record in the snatch with 160 kg as he put on an exhibition in between sessions at the Alpha Winter Classic at Alpha Barbell. Harrison’s morning weight on that day was just over 83 kg. According to Harrison’s coach Kevin Simons they ‘are already […]

Kia Ghadami Unofficial World Record 241kg Clean & Jerk

The Iranian 109kg lifter Kia Ghadami just unofficially broke the World Record clean and jerk at a provincial competition. This 241kg lift is 1kg heavier than the world record set by Armenia’s Simon Martirosyan at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships. Ghadami snatched 185kg along with this 241kg clean and jerk to total 426kg, 7kg more […]

CJ Cummings (USA 73) Snatches 130kg/286lb x 5

18 year old Clarence Cummings Jr just snatched 130kg for a set of 5 in training to round out a successful 2018. The two time Youth and three time Junior World Champion has steadily increased the Senior American Record snatch single-handedly from 140kg, set by American Record holder Alex Lee, in the 69kg class up […]