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Jourdan Delacruz interview with weightlifting house

Jourdan Delacruz Interview | The Olympic Dream

Jourdan Delacruz (-49kg USA), is the 2019 Pan American Champion and record holder, and holder of all American 49 kg and 55 kg records. This week Jourdan Delacruz joined us on the Weightlifting House podcast to talk about her story. Within a year of taking up the sport, she had dropped out of school and […]

Sergei Putsov podcast about Ukrainian weightlifting and Oleksiy Torokhtiy

The Ukrainian Weightlifting System | Sergei Putsov

Sergei Putsov marries ability, knowledge, and passion better than most. Having survived the Ukranian weightlifting system in its entirety, building up to top lifts of 160/200, Sergei has a unique view into the system that developed Olympic champions, such as his friend and business partner, Oleksiy Torokhtiy. Teaching seminars all over the world, Sergei also […]

Weightlifting News Show

Li Dayin’s 215, & WADA Warns the IWF | WL News (Video)

After three years of weekly podcast updates on all things Weightlifting, this is the first Weightlifting News Show to hit YouTube, complete with all of the clips for you to follow along with. From WADA warning the IWF to Rostami’s snatch/muscle up workout, this is the inside scoop. Weightlifting News 06/24/20 Subscribe to the Weightlifting […]

Wes Kitts and Jake Baker on the Weightlifting House Podcast

Wes Kitts & Jake Baker | Olympic Dreams and Training Partner Goals at Cal Strength

2x Pan American Champion, Wes Kitts, joined us once again along with his teammate and the new guy on the block, Jake Baker, another veteran of the podcast. We spoke about how the postponement of the Olympics has not only derailed Wes’ preparation somewhat but how it has affected his training partner Jake, as well […]

Weightlifting Myth Busting with Sam Spinelli

Busting Squat Myths with Dr. Sam Spinelli

Dr. Sam Spinelli is a doctor of physical therapy and an S&C coach. In this episode of the Weightlifting House podcast, we spoke with Sam about the most common ‘movement myths’ in weightlifting, why they occur, whether they are dangerous, and whether they ought to be avoided. To contextualise the discussion, Sam spoke in depth […]

Glenn Pendlay with Seb Ostrowicz and Joshua Gibson

Glenn Pendlay’s Programming + Q&A| Podcast

The late Glenn Pendlay played a key role in the development of Weightlifting House, specifically with the growth of and interest shown towards the podcast. When Glenn and I first started recording the Weightlifting House podcast nearly three years ago, he and I spoke for hundreds of hours all about his programming: how it evolved […]

Olympic qualification system changes for weightlifting

WL News | The IWF Changes The Olympic Qualification System

The weightlifting news from this week (March 12th – 18th) includes: Cancellation of further continental championships and national competitions Modification to the Olympic qualification system Big lifts from the world’s best You can listen to the full episode of the news show using the player below, and subscribe to the WH podcast on iTunes here, and […]

Eric Helms talks about hypertrophy for weightlifting and periodisation

Eric Helms | Periodisation & Hypertrophy

Eric Helms came onto the Weightlifting House podcast in December 2019 to talk about hypertrophy training and periodisation as it pertains to strength training. Due to other scheduled episodes, we were unable to release this podcast until now, though the information in it is timeless. Eric Helms is a coach, athlete, author, and educator, and […]

Lu Xiaojun PR Total sends him to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

WL News | Lu Xiaojun’s Ticket To Tokyo, & A Change To The Third Period

The weightlifting news from this week (March 5th – 11th) includes: The cancellation of three out of five continental championships A timeline of all IWF Corruption allegations Lu Xiaojun’s ticket to the Olympics Big lifts from around the world, including Koha’s return to peak form You can listen to the full episode of the news […]