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How will the Weightlifting Olympic qualification system change with the Corona viurs?

WL News | How the IWF and IOC will Respond to Corona + Big Training Lifts

The weightlifting news from this week (Feb 27th – March 4th) includes: How the IWF might respond to a potentially barren April Junior World Championships were canceled The Arnold Sports Festival cancels spectators, and then reverses its decision Sohrab Moradi keeps his Olympic hopes alive… just! You can listen to the full episode of the […]

Transgender Athletes in weightlifting, a full guide

Transgender Weightlifters: A Complete Guide | Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum

The inclusion of transgender athletes in sport is a difficult topic to understand and prescribe rules for, not least in a sport like weightlifting where the difference in ability between men and women is the greatest of all Olympic sports at around 40%, compared with the 10-12% average across all other sports. You can listen […]

Jhonaton Rivas Snatching at the 2018 World Championships

WL News | Coronavirus, Colombia’s Demise, and Moradi’s Final Push

The weightlifting news from this week (Feb 19th-26th) includes: The cancellation of silver tier Olympic qualifier East Asian Championships due to concerns of the spreading of the coronavirus Colombia’s three positives suggest the country’s removal from the 2020 Olympic Games The ousting of the president of the Pan American Weightlifting Federation, Willian Ozuna, due to […]

WL News | Power to the Athletes, Kate Nye’s 150kg Clean, and China’s Depth

The weightlifting news from this week (Feb 13th-20th) includes: The plan for more athlete power within the IWF China’s superstars and their backlog of unnamed record-holders (videos below) Kate Nye (USA -76) cleans 150kg off the blocks, 11kg over the American record You can listen to the news show using the player below, and subscribe […]

Jon North explaining his technique on how to snatch on the weightlifting house podcast

Jon North Interview | Understanding the Technical Model of the Pull

Jon North rose to fame in the weightlifting world a decade ago, in part due to his charismatic and extreme training videos, but also due to his relatively contentious technical videos. With terms like ‘superman pull’, ‘horses out of a gate’, and the ‘arched angel’, Jon has impacted the way many teach the lifts and […]

Will Sohrab Moradi and Kianoush Rostami qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

WL News | A Full Update on Rostami & Moradi

The weightlifting news from this week (Feb 5th-12th) includes: The battle for Olympic spots in the -96kg class Results from the International Solidarity Championships in Uzbekistan Big lifts from select members of Team USA A young group of weightlifting sensations from Kazakhstan You can listen to the news show using the player below, and subscribe […]

Dr Quinn Henoch on weightlifting programming and when to deload

Dr. Quinn Henoch | When does the Progression End?

When it comes to writing or following a weightlifting program, weightlifters often find themselves adding weight or volume every single week, arbitrarily deloading every fourth week, operating within a 3-1 mesocycle paradigm. But does it have to be this way? If not, then at what point do we cash in our chips and deload, ‘saving’ […]

How weightlifters pass drug tests - PEDs, Steroids

How Athletes Pass Drug Tests, & The History of PEDs in Weightlifting w/ Alex Kolliari-Turner

This was by far the most insightful episode that we have ever recorded on drug use in weightlifting. Alex took us through the history and development of PEDs, both within and outside of weightlifting, including how the two of them were involved in each others’ development. We spoke about drug testing, the advancement of WADA’s […]

Mike Gattone | Hard Work Pays Off

Mike Gattone is proof that hard work and hustle sustained over a life-time produces incredible outcomes. Mike is the performance director and coaching educator for USAW, but has had more jobs in the build-up to this than nearly anyone. From coaching life to corporate life and back, Mike’s story is an incredible one. Follow Mike!https://www.instagram.com/mgattone64/mike.gattone@usaweightlifting.org