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A Comprehensive Breakdown | Catapult vs Triple Extension

From pulling the bar off the floor to catching it overhead, Josh and I went through each method of technique inch by inch, highlighting the differences of each method during the pull. We believe that this is about as comprehensive and unbiased a breakdown as you can find on such an emotionally charged topic. Josh …

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WL News | IWF World Cup

The number of world records we have seen this year at the 2019 IWF World Cup has been incredible! Along with these world records have been big training lifts from the likes of Tian Tao, Lu Xiaojun, Ilya Ilyin, and many more. Enjoy this one guys! Flags! USA – https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/shopusa/product/weightlifting-house-flag/ Europe – https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/shopeurope/product/weightlifting-house-flag/ patreon.com/weightliftinghouse

Catapult vs Triple Extension | Glenn’s Thoughts

The resurgence of the Catapult | Triple Extension debate spurred Glenn to drop his thoughts on the lack of utility in the distinction. Josh, Glenn and I also furthered Max Aita’s thoughts on the transference of an exercise to the snatch and clean and jerk, particularly with regards to the fluidity of each exercises use. …

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WL News | IWF EGAT Cup

The EGAT cup saw the return of the Olympic champion Kianoush Rostami as well as a few world record attempts from the Chinese super heavy Zhou Xiaoman. There were many huge lifts from around the world in training also from China, Germany, Chile, the USA, and more. patreon.com/weightliftinghouse weightliftinghouse.com https://www.instagram.com/josh_philwl/ https://www.instagram.com/seb_ostrowicz/ https://www.instagram.com/weightlifting_house/

Peaking & ‘Training Snowflakes’ w/ Glenn Pendlay

Glenn dropped some great knowledge this week on his preferred peaking strategies for major competition. The manipulation of volume and/or intensity is the knife edge upon which a successful peak must balance. Glenn also told some funny stories about various ‘training snowflakes’ who claim injury all too readily and find excuses to roll and stretch …

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