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Sergei Putsov on Ukrainian Weightlifting

Sergei Putsov – Five Things I Learned

Sergei Putsov has been an athlete since he was seven years old. Initially, he started by playing tennis, but having a father who was the national team coach in weightlifting, things seemed to unfold as you’d predict. By the age of fourteen, Sergei started training in weightlifting, reaching peak form nearly a decade later, going […]

Glenn Pendlay free training program

From the Archives: Coach Pendlay’s Unknown Program

Intro Glenn Pendlay, aka The People’s Coach, will forever be enshrined as one of the most impactful figures in weightlifting over the last three decades. His passing may have signaled an end to his coaching career, but will never cease the influence he continues to have on the sport and many of the athletes and […]

How to increase your back squat in weightlifting with pin squats, tempo squats, and banded squats

Mastering the Squat: Three Overlooked Squat Variations

You will be hard-pressed to find a weightlifter who isn’t looking to further develop their squat (back, front) max or technical execution. Unless you have reached the acclaimed Ilya Ilyin 2014 status your best bet is to keep improving the squat and its variations. As simple as this sounds, many people struggle the most with […]

Vladimir Safonov Interview on Weightlifting

Vladimir Safonov Q&A (Russian Translation)

Exclusive to Weightlifting House we are finally releasing the Vladimir Safonov interview that Joshua Gibson recorded last year. Until now this video has been available only to our Patreon followers, but we decided we would release it now to the weightlifting community at large. Time Stamps When you’re looking for (youth) weightlifters to coach what […]

Chinese weightlifter Deng Wei snatching 112 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

The Secrets of Chinese Weightlifting – Pt. 1

There was another phenomenal video posted by Shenzhen Weightlifting on Youtube discussing a few of the training secrets Chinese coaches use to aid in producing the best weightlifters on the planet.  The video opens with Tan Hanyong, the national team head coach, discussing the necessity of an individualized program.  “We have different types of athletes. […]

How can we use PRE for Olympic Weightlifting training?

RPE for Weightlifting: What, Why, and Common Criticisms

*Before we dive into this topic I would like to extend my gratitude to Mike Tuchscherer. Without his influence this article would not be possible, as he is the reason the RPE scale made its way into powerlifting, weightlifting, and other barbell sports. Nearly everything I know about this topic comes from the countless hours […]

Garage Strength | Lifting Life

A Review of “Weightlifting University: Programming A Champion” – Dane Miller of Garage Strength

Introduction Weightlifting University’s “Programming A Champion” is a course developed by Garage Strength founder and head coach, Dane Miller. The course aims to educate weightlifting coaches and athletes on the basics of programming, Dane’s approach to training weightlifters, and how you can successfully implement these strategies for yourself or your athletes. Before we dive into […]

Do we really need periodization? Clean pull at the 2017 Weightlifting World Championships training hall

A Review of “Periodization Paradigms in the 21st Century: Evidence-Led or Tradition-Driven”

Author: John Kiely Journal: International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance Year Published: 2012 What: A review of the literature on periodization models and a critical appraisal of their strengths and weaknesses “In the absence of ready-made solutions, the design of an efficient training process may be considered an exploratory, slowly evolving, meticulously documented, single […]

Weightlifter muscle snatches in the training hall at the 2018 World Championships

Building Momentum When There Isn’t Any

Bad days happen. In this sport, bad weeks, bad months, and possibly, bad years happen. This does not mean progress is completely absent, but there probably is not a meaningful amount of it. The competition total just floats around the same point, maybe dips, and anything higher seems elusive. Each meet performance is sub-par, bordering […]

Dr Mike Israetel

Dr. Mike Israetel – Five Things I Learned

This is a series in which we will attempt to collect, reflect on, and make sense of the great information given to us by the growing number of coaches and athletes we have interviewed on the podcast. The podcast this article is based on is embedded at the bottom of this page. You can see […]