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Blackboard from Vladimir Safonov seminar

Vladimir Safonov Seminar – A Complete Write Up

SETTING THE STAGE Two days in Cincinnati, Ohio – a total of 16 hours with Vladimir Safonov, Russian National coach, and a lot of lifting. Steven D’s gym hosted Vladimir and it was more than equipped to handle the number of people attending. There were plenty of platforms and all of the equipment was Eleiko. […]

Chinese Weightlifters Lu Xiaojun and Tian Tao squat to maximum in training

Lu Xiaojun & Tian Tao – A Day In The Life

One of the greatest things to have come out of the internet is the free passage of information. Even so it has still taken years for the passing of Chinese weightlifting to flow so easily to our screens. There are now several instagram pages that are doing us great favours in documenting and revealing much […]


INTRODUCTION: RECOVER WHAT FROM WHAT In part three of our series examining the principles of programming we will be discussing appropriate rest and recovery. The principle of appropriate rest and recovery states that a stressor must be recovered from to the point of invoking an optimal amount of performance gain. This does not mean that […]


INTRODUCTION: DEFINING OVERLOAD In part two of the series discussing the principles of programming, the principle of focus is overload. Overload will be defined as a stimulus of sufficient intensity, duration, and frequency as such that it forces an organism to adapt (Lorenz & Morrison, 2015). The stimulus must be within the adaptive threshold of the system […]


INTRODUCTION: PROGRAMMING VS PERIODIZATION   Since this is the first article in an extensive series on the principles of programming it deserves an introduction to two important concepts: programming and periodization. Most weightlifters, powerlifters, and strength athletes tend to confuse programming with periodization. According to Bompa and Buzzichelli (2015) periodization is defined as the structuring […]

Seb Ostrowicz

How Long Should A Training Cycle Be? Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced

The most annoying answer to a question is ‘that depends’. But to be honest it does depend. It depends on a few things. Not necessarily how much weight you lift, though that is a good indicator of your ability to improve, but more so it is to do with how quickly you are able to […]

Seb Ostrowicz

Weightlifting Fraud

Yesterday I sat in the park listening to the Commissioners of Power podcast as they interviewed one of my favourite athletes, one who I have had the privilege of training with, Donny Shankle. Anyone who has listened to Donny speak understands not only how motivating he can be, but how crystal clear and simple he […]