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Weightlifting Forums

A forum site dedicated to weightlifting. The main Olympic Weightlifting forum is pretty active and has some high-quality contributors. http://wlforums.com/forums/forum.php

USA Masters Weightlifting

https://mastersweightlifting.org/ The organising body for masters weightlifting in the USA

Sportivny Press

http://www.sportivnypress.com This website, run by Bud Charniga, has a lot of interesting weightlifting content, including translations of classic Russian information and historical information. Several translated Russian books are available from their store.

Lift Up, History of Olympic Weightlifting

This amazing site, maintained by Arthur Chidlovski, is a treasure trove of information about weightlifting. It features competition results, records and stories about the lives of weightlifters going back decades. It also includes some fantastic photographs. http://www.chidlovski.net/liftup/