The Weightlifting House Podcast

Seb Glenn UK

With Your Hosts

The Voice of the People - Seb Ostrowicz - Owner and host of Weightlifting House.

The People's Coach - Glenn Pendlay - Ex coach of California Strength, MDUSA, and current head coach of Pendlay WOD. 

The Monday Show

Join me, the voice of the people, every Monday as I sit down with the people's coach Glenn Pendlay as we discuss gaining strength, improving technique, writing programming, and of course becoming the best weightlifter possible. Also on the show I sit down with some of the biggest names in weightlifting to discuss their training, motivation, goals, and thoughts on the current weightlifting climate. 

The Weightlifting News Show

Every Wednesday I upload the only weightlifting news show in the world. From the biggest lifts in competition internationally, to the most incredible training lifts from around the world, to the positive tests that plague our sport, and everything in between, I summarise and contextualise what is happening in weightlifting.


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Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the Weightlifting House Podcast with your hosts...
— The voice of the people - Seb Ostrowicz