Glenn Pendlay with Seb Ostrowicz and Joshua Gibson

Glenn Pendlay’s Programming + Q&A| Podcast

The late Glenn Pendlay played a key role in the development of Weightlifting House, specifically with the growth of and interest shown...
Olympic qualification system changes for weightlifting

WL News | The IWF Changes The Olympic Qualification System

The weightlifting news from this week (March 12th - 18th) includes: Cancellation of further continental championships and national competitions...
Eric Helms talks about hypertrophy for weightlifting and periodisation

Eric Helms | Periodisation & Hypertrophy

Eric Helms came onto the Weightlifting House podcast in December 2019 to talk about hypertrophy training and periodisation as it pertains to...
Lu Xiaojun PR Total sends him to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

WL News | Lu Xiaojun’s Ticket To Tokyo, & A Change To The Third...

The weightlifting news from this week (March 5th - 11th) includes: The cancellation of three out of five continental...
How will the Weightlifting Olympic qualification system change with the Corona viurs?

WL News | How the IWF and IOC will Respond to Corona + Big...

The weightlifting news from this week (Feb 27th - March 4th) includes: How the IWF might respond to a...
Transgender Athletes in weightlifting, a full guide

Transgender Weightlifters: A Complete Guide | Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum

The inclusion of transgender athletes in sport is a difficult topic to understand and prescribe rules for, not least in a sport...
Jhonaton Rivas Snatching at the 2018 World Championships

WL News | Coronavirus, Colombia’s Demise, and Moradi’s Final Push

The weightlifting news from this week (Feb 19th-26th) includes: The cancellation of silver tier Olympic qualifier East Asian Championships...

WL News | Power to the Athletes, Kate Nye’s 150kg Clean, and China’s Depth

The weightlifting news from this week (Feb 13th-20th) includes: The plan for more athlete power within the IWFChina's superstars...
Jon North explaining his technique on how to snatch on the weightlifting house podcast

Jon North Interview | Understanding the Technical Model of the Pull

Jon North rose to fame in the weightlifting world a decade ago, in part due to his charismatic and extreme training videos,...
Will Sohrab Moradi and Kianoush Rostami qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

WL News | A Full Update on Rostami & Moradi

The weightlifting news from this week (Feb 5th-12th) includes: The battle for Olympic spots in the -96kg class...