WL News | Power to the Athletes, Kate Nye’s 150kg Clean, and China’s Depth

The weightlifting news from this week (Feb 13th-20th) includes: The plan for more athlete power within the IWFChina's superstars...
Jon North explaining his technique on how to snatch on the weightlifting house podcast

Jon North Interview | Understanding the Technical Model of the Pull

Jon North rose to fame in the weightlifting world a decade ago, in part due to his charismatic and extreme training videos,...
Will Sohrab Moradi and Kianoush Rostami qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

WL News | A Full Update on Rostami & Moradi

The weightlifting news from this week (Feb 5th-12th) includes: The battle for Olympic spots in the -96kg class...
IWF President Dr. Tamas Ajan investigated on claims of corruption

WL News | Thailand Resigns, McLaren Hired to Investigate the IWF, the Fajr Cup,...

The weightlifting world went through a lot over the last seven days: The entire...
Dr Quinn Henoch on weightlifting programming and when to deload

Dr. Quinn Henoch | When does the Progression End?

When it comes to writing or following a weightlifting program, weightlifters often find themselves adding weight or volume...
How weightlifters pass drug tests - PEDs, Steroids

How Athletes Pass Drug Tests, & The History of PEDs in Weightlifting w/ Alex...

This was by far the most insightful episode that we have ever recorded on drug use in weightlifting....

Mike Gattone | Hard Work Pays Off

Mike Gattone is proof that hard work and hustle sustained over a life-time produces incredible outcomes. Mike is the performance director and...
Ian Wilson performing a snatch pull with 170kg at the 2017 Weightlifting World Championships

Programming Theory (Part 1) | Specificity

Joshua Gibson's presentation at the Rogue HQ last weekend on Programming Theory inspired us to go through the five pillars of a...
Dane Miller from Garage Strength Podcast!

Dane Miller Interview | Garage Strength, Anatoliy Bondarchuk, and Earth Fed Muscle

Dane Miller is the owner of Garage Strength and the founder of Earth Fed Muscle. Dane has produced two Olympians, has sent...
Austin Baraki | Barbell Medicine, on the SRA Curve and tenidinopathy

Austin Baraki MD | Beyond the SRA Curve

Austin Baraki is a co-owner of Barbell Medicine, a hospital-based physician at a teaching institute, and a strength coach/lifter (a darn strong...