Press Release – Weightlifting House and the European Weightlifting Federation

Weightlifting House partners with EWF in an exciting development for weightlifting fans

Today it has been announced that Weightlifting House will be offering a pay-per-view of the 100th European Weightlifting Championships, taking place in Tirana, Albania from the 28th of May to the 5th of June this year.

Across nine days of competition, Weightlifting House’s Seb Ostrowicz and Max Aita will bring a wealth of experience and passion to the broadcast through their commentary streamed live from Tirana. 

For viewers in the USA, UK, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and Australia, Weightlifting House will offer a pay-per-view model to watch the championships. This will be the only available stream for these countries.

“The WH mission has always been to bring the sport of weightlifting closer to its fans” says Seb Ostrowicz, founder and CEO of Weightlifting House. 

“There’s no better way to do this than to be streaming it to the fans. We’re grateful to the European Weightlifting Federation for giving us this opportunity to help grow the sport of Weightlifting”. 

David Kipshidze, vice-president of the EWF has been working hard to reach new audiences and help grow the sport. “The EWF’s exclusive media rights partner – SPORTFIVE made it possible to widen the reach of the event by facilitating the cross partnership with Weightlifting House. The EWF is always looking for ways to excite their fans and reach more people. That’s why we wanted to work with Weightlifting House for the 100th European Championships as they have a large audience inside and outside of Europe. Over the last few years through his hard work, Seb Ostrowicz has become a recognised voice in the world of Weightlifting. Not only are Seb and Max revolutionising programming with weightlifting.AI, they now aim to improve for good the way the sport is brought to the fans.”

The Weightlifting House pay-per-view of the 100th European Weightlifting Championships runs from May 29th – June 5th and will be available both live and on-demand. By working with Weightlifting House the EWF can share the incredible battles and excitements of the competition to the fans of the sport both inside and, finally, outside of Europe. 

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