Hypertrophy - Everything Science Currently Knows

Power, Hypertrophy and its Relationship to Sporting Success

It has been widely suggested that power output is one of the most fundamental characteristics underlying sporting success in anaerobic athletes (Lorenz et al., 2013); additionally, it has also been found to exist as a determinate factor which may distinguish elite Olympic Weightlifters from non-elite Olympic Weightlifters (Fry et al., 2006: Beckham et al., 2013). Since power output is such a key variable in determining sporting success, it has been targeted as an athletic characteristic which is necessary to develop in order to raise the athletic profile and individual success of Olympic Weightlifters (Flores et al., 2017) and anaerobic athletes (James et al., 2016). Since power is a work rate expressed as the equation Power = Force x Velocity, it is necessary to understand the two key components which are central to both the equation and the development of power...

Knee Wraps - What does science recommend?

What topics does this knee wraps review cover?
•    Why do we see an increase in load lifted with wraps vs without?
•    What are the changes seen in the movement and speed of the squat with wraps vs without?
•    What does science say is the best way to wrap your knees? – Cross wrapped vs straight wrapped vs spiral wrapped.
•    What type of knee wrap does science recommend? – Hard vs Soft.