Senior Weightlifting World Records – Male

This is a list of the current men’s senior world records in the sport of Weightlifting. We also have a page of Women’s records.

Linked to each world record is a video of the lift as well as the athlete’s Instagram page or Wikipedia page.

These world records cover the Robi era, which began with the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships in Ashgabat. Throughout the history of our sport world records have been wiped from the books in conjunction with the creation of new weight classes (1973, 1992, 1998, 2018). Records for other eras are available from our weightlifting records page.

When the new categories were introduced, world standards were set for each category. These must be surpassed for a lift to count as a new world record.

Men’s 55 kg

Snatch135 kgWorld Standard.01.11.2018, World Standard
Clean & Jerk166 kgOM Yun CholPRK18.09.2019, Pattaya(watch)
Total294 kgOM Yun Chol PRK18.09.2019, Pattaya .

Men’s 61 kg

Snatch145 kgLi FabinCHN19.09.2019, Pattaya(watch)
Clean & Jerk174 kgIRAWAN Eko YuliINA03.11.2018, Ashgabat(watch)
Total318 kgLi FabinCHN19.09.2019, Pattaya.

Men’s 67 kg

Snatch155 kgHuang Minhao CHN06.07.2019, Tokyo.
Clean & Jerk188 kgPak Jong-ju CHN20.09.2019, Pattaya (watch)
Total339 kgCHEN LijunCHN21.04.2019, Ningbo (watch)

Men’s 73 kg

Snatch168 kgSHI ZhiyongCHN22.04.2019, Ningbo(watch)
Clean & Jerk197 kgSHI ZhiyongCHN21.09.2019, Pattaya(watch)
Total363 kgSHI ZhiyongCHN21.09.2019, Pattaya.

Men’s 81 kg

Snatch173 kgMAHMOUD Mohamed Ihab Youssef AhmedEGY05.11.2018, Ashgabat(watch)
Clean & Jerk207 kgLü Xiaojun CHN22.09.2019, Pattaya(watch)
Total378 kgLü Xiaojun CHN22.09.2019, Pattaya(watch)

Men’s 89 kg

Snatch179 kgWorld Standard.01.11.2018, World Standard.
Clean & Jerk216 kgWorld Standard.01.11.2018, World Standard.
Total387 kgWorld Standard.01.11.2018, World Standard.

Men’s 96 kg

Snatch186 kgMORADI SohrabIRI07.11.2018, Ashgabat(watch)
Clean & Jerk231 kgTian Tao CHN07.07.2019, Tokyo(watch)
Total416 kgMORADI SohrabIRI07.11.2018, Ashgabat(watch)

Men’s 102 kg

Snatch191 kgWorld Standard.01.11.2018, World Standard.
Clean & Jerk231 kgWorld Standard.01.11.2018, World Standard.
Total412 kgWorld Standard.01.11.2018, World Standard.

Men’s 109 kg

Snatch199 kgMARTIROSYAN Simon ARM26.09.2019, Pattaya(watch)
Clean & Jerk240 kgMARTIROSYAN SimonARM09.11.2018, Ashgabat(watch)
Total435 kgMARTIROSYAN SimonARM09.11.2018, Ashgabat(watch)

Men’s +109 kg

Snatch220 kgTALAKHADZE LashaGEO13.04.2019, Batumi(watch)
Clean & Jerk264 kgTALAKHADZE LashaGEO13.04.2019, Batumi (watch)
Total484 kgTALAKHADZE LashaGEO13.04.2019, Batumi (watch)