What Is The Barbell Buyers Club

The Barbell Buyers Club is a concept that we came up with here at Weightlifting House to once again make the price of the highest-quality Weightlifting Barbells even more affordable to the fine people of our sport!

The more people who order a barbell during our pre-order period, the cheaper the barbell will be.

With each order that comes in, the cost that everyone pays for their Weightlifting House Barbell will come down. 

How Does It Work?

  1. You pay a deposit for each bar ($175 for a 15kg bar, $200 for a 20kg bar)
  2. When the campaign period closes, we order all the bars together
  3. We calculate the final bar cost as explained below
  4. You pay the remainder of the cost when we ship the bar to you
  5. You get your bar a few days after you have paid

How Much Will I Pay?

Our 10 needle bearing, 210k PSI, hard chrome barbells currently cost (for club members):

  • $360 for a 20kg bar (normal price $450)
  • $340 for a 15kg bar (normal price $400)

That’s already a big saving over our usual prices, especially as we are paying the shipping for USA orders!

As the orders come in the prices come down linearly. As an example, once we hit 150 barbell orders the prices will be as low as:

  1. $325 (an additional $125 after the deposit) for a 20kg barbell
  2. $300 (an additional $125 after the deposit) for a 15kg barbell

All you need to do is pay the 50% preorder cost and then wait until the end or the preorder period to discover how many barbells were ordered and just how large a discount you will receive on your new Weightlifting House barbell.380

Want To Save Even More?

Get in early! To make things even better, the first 30 orders receive an additional $10 discount on their Weightlifting House barbell.

Get your friends on board! Once you join the club, we’ll give you an affiliate code. For each new member who buys a bar using your code, we’ll knock another $10 off your final bill. Bring enough members in and you could end up getting your bar for free!

Free Shipping! We are also giving you all free shipping for joining the first ever Barbell Buyers Club!

When Does The Campaign End?

The Barbell Buyers Club campaign will run until September 18th 2019 (The start of the World Championships). Bars will be delivered in early December 2019.

Get Involved!

To join the club, just select which bars you want below, add them to your cart and pay the deposit! We’ll keep you updated as the final price drops!

15 kg Women's Bar
20 kg Men's Bar


If there is anything else you need to know, just get in touch at and we will answer your questions.