#CoachesOnly Conference
18-19 March 2023

"C|O may be the most valuable opportunity a weightlifting coach has to improve"
Wil Fleming
1Kilo Weightlifting


We have finished another fantastic weekend of sessions from the best in the weightlifting business. 

Don’t worry if you were not able to attend, you can still get on-demand-access to all sessions by buying a ticket. 

“The Coaches Only event is not just a perfect way to allow developing coaches - which we should all strive to be indefinitely - access to the insights and experience of successful coaches, but for those experienced coaches to connect with others and continue their own improvement"​
Greg Evertt
Catalyst Athletics
"The first Coaches Only seminar exceeded my expectations in every way. The challenges of doing a virtual coaching seminar as well as getting experts on board to produce information that isn’t already readily available is immense. Weightlifting House accomplished this task and more. I was shocked at how much I was able to immediately apply to my own coaching."
Spencer Arnold
Power and Grace Performance

What Is Coaches Only?

Coaches Only is an online coaching conference presented by world leading experts to you via ZOOM

Join us for 2 days of cutting-edge education, expert insights, and actionable takeaways from 7 of the most knowledgeable and influential coaches and researchers in the weightlifting world. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Coaches Only has something for everyone.

With 8 hours of amazing content, you’ll learn about everything from youth development, to peaking strategies, to growing a valuable and lucrative coaching business. But it doesn’t stop there! You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions, interact with the speakers, and keep the powerpoint presentations to refer back to later.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your coaching career to the next level. Join us from the comfort of your own home (or gym!) via Zoom and gain access to the best weightlifting coaches and researchers in the world. Plus, you’ll have the ability to watch the presentations on-demand for an entire month after the event.

Get ready to level up your coaching skills, expand your knowledge, and grow your business with Coaches Only. Register now!


Dr. Kyle Travis

Peaking for Weightlifting Performance: Overreaching, Tapering, and More

Dr. Kyle Travis is a world-leading expert in the field of Sport Physiology and Sport Performance, with a PhD from East Tennessee State University. His research specialization lies in the area of tapering and peaking for weightlifters and powerlifters. During his graduate studies, Dr. Travis placed a significant emphasis on exploring the relationship between tapering, training, and skeletal muscle adaptations, both structurally and ultrastructurally. He has a deep understanding of the role of hypertrophy in strength and power performance, making him one of the foremost experts in his field. 

Dr. Travis will be speaking on arguably the most important portion of a training program; the end! When all the hard work is done, how do we ensure our athletes overreach to an appropriate level before correctly tapering to ensure a perfect peak? 

Sarah Amenta

Building a Weightlifting Mecca: Business Strategies to Grow Your Club

Sarah Amenta is an organization and implementation leader in the weightlifting community. With her expertise and passion for the sport, she (along with her husband, Chris) has successfully transformed SoCal Weightlifting from a small garage gym to one of the largest teams in the United States. Today, the 8,000 square foot facility boasts five full-time staff members and over 225 athletes, generating monthly revenue up to $67k.

Sarah is equipped with a solid educational background, holding a Master’s degree from CSULB in Sport Management. Her contributions to the industry have earned her a seat on the board of the California South Weightlifting State Organization and the title of co-owner of Onyx Straps and Mavrik Barbell. Sarah also serves as a business consultant for other gyms and weightlifting clubs.

In her talk, Sarah will share her insights and strategies on growing a weightlifting club by understanding what the ‘next thing’ is that you need to be working on to push your business forward and fulfill the vision you had for your club when you first started it.

Kevin Simons

Building a Youth Weightlifting Powerhouse

Kevin Simons is a highly respected and accomplished coach and owner of Alpha Barbell, a renowned gym recognized for producing top-notch weightlifters in the youth, junior, and senior categories. Under his guidance, the gym has cultivated multiple national champions, American record holders, and two world champion and world record holders in weightlifting. In 2019, he also coached a teen to compete in the CrossFit Games.

Kevin’s athletic background includes a successful career as a Level 10 gymnast and a top-performing CrossFit athlete, having achieved top 10 finishes at Regionals and qualifying for the CrossFit Games as an individual competitor in 2012 and 2015.

His exceptional coaching skills have been recognized nationally, receiving the National Developmental Coach of the Year award for all of USA Weightlifting in 2018 and 2021, as well as the Gayle Hatch National Coach of the Year award in 2017 and 2018.

In his talk, Kevin will impart his knowledge on youth development in weightlifting, offering a comprehensive framework for building and growing a youth weightlifting powerhouse.

Dr. Kyle Pierce

Long-term Athlete Development for Weightlifting

Dr. Kyle Pierce is a highly acclaimed Weightlifting coach, creator of the LSUS system, and National Coach and High-Performance Director. With an impressive track record of coaching teams at the Olympic Games, World Championships, and Pan American Games, Dr. Pierce has developed numerous male and female lifters from different countries to all levels of international success, including the three-time Olympian and three-time Pan American Champion, Kendrick Farris.

In recognition of his achievements, Dr. Pierce has received numerous awards and honors, including the United States Olympic Committee’s “Doc” Counsilman Science Award in 2005, USOC Weightlifting Coach of the Year Award in 2006, 2007, and 2010, and the Ghana Sports Fans Awards “Sports Coach of the Year”. In 2017, he was inducted into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame.

Dr. Pierce has been a member of the International Weightlifting Federation Coaching and Research Committee since 2000, and is also a member of the Pan-American Confederation’s Coaching and Research Committee.

Dr. Pierce will share his extensive knowledge and experience on athlete development, providing a comprehensive overview of the process that he used to take Kendrick Farris from his first session to three Olympic Games making him arguably the greatest USA weightlifter of the modern era.

Joshua Gibson

Exercise Variation for Strength, Size, and Skill

Joshua Gibson is a highly experienced and well-rounded professional in the world of weightlifting and powerlifting. With nearly a decade of involvement as an athlete, coach, and educational resource in the sport, he has had the opportunity to work with some of the most esteemed American coaches, including Max Aita and Glenn Pendlay. He currently hosts the leading educational podcast within weightlifting; The Philosophical Weightlifting podcast. 

Josh’s academic background is extensive, having earned a Master’s degree in Applied Sport Science and Coach Education from East Tennessee State University and graduating magna cum laude from Ohio Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a concentration in Strength and Conditioning. He will be furthering his education by embarking on a doctorate program at West Virginia University in Coaching and Teaching Studies, where he will study under the esteemed Dr. Guy Hornsby.

In his talk, Josh will delve into the topic of maximizing muscle strength, size, and technical skill through exercise variation.

Dane Miller

Programming a Champion: Identifying and Eliminating Weaknesses

Dane Miller is an esteemed International Level coach in USA Weightlifting and USA Track and Field, with a wealth of experience and accolades to his name. Having attended the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo as a coach for athletes representing the United States, Canada, Samoa, and Nigeria, he boasts an impressive track record of success. Dane has coached 4 Olympians in Tokyo, as well as 8 Olympic trial qualifiers, 20+ national champions, dozens of state champions, and NCAA all-Americans in various sports.

As the founder and chief coach of Garage Strength, Dane Miller is a widely recognized figure in weightlifting, track and field, and coaching circles in the United States. Dane has been selected to assist at USAW training camps at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, and has served as team leader and coach for 6 Team USA squads. His training has been shaped by luminaries such as Anatoliy Bondarchuk, Zygmunt Smalcerz, and Charles Poliquin.

In his forthcoming talk, Dane will deliver a masterclass on developing weakness-focused programs. He will share his expert insights on how to identify areas of weakness, devise a targeted strategy for addressing them, and execute it flawlessly to achieve success. This will be a valuable opportunity for coaches and athletes alike to learn from one of the most successful and well-respected figures in the world of weightlifting and track and field.

Jim Rutter

Understanding Elite-level Programming for all Athletes

Jim Rutter is a highly accomplished weightlifting coach and athlete with over two decades of experience in the sport. With a strong track record of success, he has earned the distinction of International Coach for USA Weightlifting and serves as the head coach of Philadelphia Barbell Club. Under his guidance, the club has produced numerous national and international medalists, showcasing his expertise in developing elite-level weightlifting talent.

With a focus on practical and effective programming, Jim will share his wealth of knowledge and experience in his talk, providing valuable insights and strategies for coaches to implement elite-level coaching in a simple and practical way.

What People Say About #CoachesOnly

"C|O may be the most valuable opportunity a weightlifting coach has to improve in today's field. Never in history have this many accomplished coaches gotten together to talk about the most current and applicable coaching techniques in weightlifting."
Wil Fleming
1Kilo Weightlifting
“The coaches only lectures must be of great value to new coaches and for considering different approaches to different subjects. A very valuable way of getting new ideas across from top people in the world. It encourages coaches to have an open mind about some very technical and complex issues. Very well organised”
Cyril Martin
“C|O was one of the best things to happen to me as a coach”
Benedict Millson
Bounce Gym
“The value of this event is outstanding for the weightlifting community”​
Sergii Putsov
Torokhtiy Programming Coach
#CoachesOnly Attendee
Read More
“Leave it to Weightlifting House to, once again, provide a platform unlike none other for Weightlifters and coaches alike! Thank you all for everything you do for the sport”
#CoachesOnly Attendee
Read More
“Leave it to Weightlifting House to, once again, provide a platform unlike none other for Weightlifters and coaches alike! Thank you all for everything you do for the sport”
#CoachesOnly Attendee
Read More
“This was great, would 10/10 like to see another take place!”
Benedict MillsonBounce Gym
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““C|O was one of the best things to happen to me as a coach””
#CoachesOnly Attendee
Read More
“Thank you for putting this on! Definitely learned a lot, and can't wait for the next one!”
#CoachesOnly Attendee
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“Really enjoying it, thank you! Timings are great, I am finding the hour sessions perfect amounts of time to digest whats being said and enough to keep my brain switched on”
#CoachesOnly Attendee
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“Thanks for putting this on to all of you at Weightlifting House. Incredible program, great ideas”

Why Coaches Only?

I am so thrilled to finally make this announcement – Coaches Only is back! Weightlifting House is proud to bring you the premier coaching conference, designed specifically for coaches like you.

Our previous events have been a huge success and have had a profound impact on the coaching community. For the first time ever, everyday coaches have the chance to access world-class expertise, practical advice, knowledge, and mentorship from the most successful coaches and researchers in the weightlifting world.

After a short hiatus (we were pretty busy last year!) Coaches Only is back for the 5th time, and is better than ever. With the help of my colleague Joshua Gibson, we’ve worked hard to bring you this exciting virtual coaching conference.

Join us on March 18th and 19th for the most valuable weekend of your coaching career. This is your chance to level up, expand your knowledge, and gain valuable insights to help you succeed. We can’t wait to see you at the Coaches Only conference, held online via Zoom. 

Seb Ostrowicz

Seb Ostrowicz – Founder of Weightlifting House


What if I can't attend live?

No problem - all of the sessions will be available for at least a month after the event to watch on demand.

What do I need to watch?

The on-demand sessions are all available as web videos - you just need a web browser or modern phone.

Can I get the presentations?

Yes - you will get a download link for all of the PowerPoint files.


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