Coronavirus Information

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is affecting businesses around the world. We are fortunate that, so far, it as not significantly impacted our ability to get products to customers. We are checking in with the shipping services that we use regularly to make sure we are on top of the situation.

We will be checking and updating this page daily with any expected delays or other problems.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us – and we will be happy to check the situation for your address.

Overall situation: deliveries are all getting through so far. There are delays for some products and for some destinations.

Product Delays

  • Bars – no additional delays
  • Books – May take an extra 5–10 days
  • Clothing – May take a few extra days
  • Tape and Flags – May take a few extra days

Expected Delivery Delays

We are expecting delays to European countries that have already imposed strict lockdown policies. In particular, deliveries to Italy may be delayed by 24–48 hours as they must travel by road rather than air. Some areas of Italy are subject to a temporary suspension of postal services – please check with Poste Italiane for the latest information for your area.

Delivery Changes

Delivery companies are implementing new policies to keep their staff and customers safe. That means that signatures may not be required where normally they would or that parcels may be left outside rather than handed directly to the customer.

We recommend regularly checking the tracking information for deliveries to make sure that you know when to expect a parcel. It is also a good idea to provide a cell phone number when ordering – many delivery companies send text message updates.