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A 10 needle bearing weightlifting bar designed for those who don’t need ‘Olympic’ in front of ‘Weightlifting’ to know what it means. With the smoothest spin and highest quality steel, this bar is perfect for enduring training, rep after rep, program after program, year after year. The ghost center knurl allows for easy centering of feet and enough grip to aid in high volume training without causing skin irritation.

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  • 20kg
  • 210,000 PSI
  • 10 needle bearings
  • IWF Standard length
  • IWF Standard knurling marks with ‘ghost’ centre knurl
  • Rust-resistant coating on shaft
  • Chrome sleeves
  • Diameter – 28mm
  • Loadable Length Sleeve – 16″
  • Warranty – 10 year
Weight 20 kg

9 reviews for House Bar – 20kg

  1. Mike Lee (verified owner)

    I had been in the market for a new bar for a while and was really having trouble deciding on one. I ended up purchasing the House barbell and am very satisfied with it after a month of continuous use. Below are my thoughts:

    Overall construction: The bar feels high quality in the hand. The tolerances are tight. There is very little play between the shaft and the sleeves (up and down and side to side). Bumpers fit tight and snug on the sleeves. The bar is very quiet when dropped (virtually no rattles). The shaft is straight as an arrow and the chrome coating is nice and uniform throughout.

    Spin: Love it. The spin is very smooth and quiet. Turnovers are effortless and yet controlled at the same time.

    Knurling: The knurl is pretty uniform throughout, but somewhat passive in my opinion. I would have preferred the knurl to be slightly more aggressive (just my preference). A little chalk makes it all good. The only reason I didn’t give a 5 star review is because of the center knurl. The center knurl is supposed to be a “ghost” knurl, but it feels pretty much the same as the other parts of the bar. Again, the knurl is pretty passive to me so not a huge deal, but just pointing out the fact that I don’t see much of a difference.

    Other than that, I really love this bar. If you’re looking for a quality dedicated weightlifting barbell without spending a fortune, this is it.

  2. The People’s Fan

    ARE YOU LOOKING TO PUT KILOS ON YOUR TOTAL OR NOT?! I recommend this barbell to any one, this barbell is a thing of beauty. With some barbell companies leaning towards weird colored barbells and poor quality to produce mass quantities, Weightlifting House has honored the sport by sticking with the classic chrome sleeves, center knurl, 210k PSI, 10 needle bearing, and IWF standard. For the price of this barbell, WL House is truly bringing the sport of weightlifting closer to it’s fans. I have had this barbell in my garage gym now for 1.5 years, through all mid-west seasons, and have had zero issues with it. The controlled spin and moderate knurling feels the same as the day I got it! Rest assured, if purchasing this barbell for your home/garage gym or weightlifting facility… you will not be disappointed.

  3. John E Rufino (verified owner)

    You will not find a better barbell for the money, period. From my first training session I quickly noticed this bar was designed for weightlifters, by weightlifters. Knurling is just the right amount of grip for training and won’t tear up your clothes, hands or throat. For $450 this bar performs just as well as bars that cost double, you aren’t going to find a better bar for the money!

  4. shane sevcik

    I bought both a 20 and 15 kg bar. Let me start by prefacing, “I AM a barbell snob”. I am a competitive lifter that competes Nationally at the Senior level and Internationally as a Master. In my Garage I currently have a Uesaka, Eleiko, Rogue, and now House Bars. I think these are really well made bars and as high quality as you can get in the sub $1,000 price point. As an every day training bar I like this bar more than my Eleiko and Rogue, and nearly as much as my Uesaka. The knurling is more aggressive than the normal Rogue Oly bar, but much softer than the Rogue Pyrros bar. I have pulled the sleeves off the bar to see how they constructed it, and the use of a Slotted Flat hardened washer with dual snap rings is a VERY strong design. Bar should hold up well over the long term like other much higher priced bars.

  5. Andre Benoit

    I’ve been waiting to treat myself to a weightlifting bar and after much research settled on this one. I must admit a big part of it was because I wanted to support the weightlifting house guys for all the content they put out. The fact that’s it’s an incredible bar is a nice bonus!!! Spins beautifully with just the right aggressiveness on the knurling.

  6. Danny

    I absolutely love this bar. This was an incredible step up in quality from my CrossFit style bar, and I’d never go back. The spin is phenomenal! I was a bit worried the knurling would be too aggressive, but it’s definitely not. Stoked to support a small business doing it right!

  7. Justin

    Since COVID19 is wreaking havoc, training at home is our only alternative. Luckily this went on sale and free shipping! Thanks Seb. Great training bar with competition specs but an affordable price.

  8. Ben Ethier

    Great bar, love the knurl, spin is really nice. Bought mine in summer 2018 and it has held up fantastically, still looks brand new.

  9. Andy

    Basically, the performance of an Eleiko but doesn’t destroy your hands… or your bank account. I have Weightlifting House, Eleiko, Werk San, Rogue Oly, Rogue Pyrros, and American Barbell bars in my gym and, of these, the Weightlifting House bar is my favorite.

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