The Greatest Weightlifters of All Time vol. 1 – Men

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This hardback book covers in great depth the lives, careers, and greatest performances of the 70 greatest weightlifters of all time. Complete with incredible photography, this book brings a greater understanding to the history of our amazing sport.

To all of you who choose to buy this incredible book, treat it well, spread the word, and train hard. Oh, and please recommend it to a friend!

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3 reviews for The Greatest Weightlifters of All Time vol. 1 – Men

  1. David

    Received the book in the mail today. The book itself looks fanstasic. Additionally, the information compiled in these pages are crucial to appreciating and learning about weightlifting history. So far the only issue I have had is on page 19 in the Koleci section I believe there is an error where the editor meant to insert the word ‘bodyweight’ but instead the sentence reads something along the lines of “to take the lead on .” Another thing is in the Koleci section, Khakiashvili is referred to as Kakhiashvilis, unsure if I am wrong on his name but I think there is no ‘s’

    • Dan Kent

      Thanks for your feedback – we will definitely look into those things you mention and check whether we need to make corrections!

  2. The People’s Fan

    Educate yourself on the greats! This book is filled with statistics of tournaments, training stories, greatest totals, and magnificent pictures that’ll keep you flipping through the pages until you hit the back cover.

  3. Douglas Heeren (verified owner)

    Very informative book with a couple of typos, but otherwise excellent. The only real issue I had with the content is where the name “Louie Simmons” in invoked. Simmons is a fraud. Simmons has never trained Olympic Lifters and only trains equipped drug using powerlifters. Simmons believes because he has read several books by Soviet Researchers and coaches that he is an expert on strength. Anyone truly interested in Olympic Lifting would NEVER consider Simmons a reliable or trusted source. I will stick to Bud Charniga and researched articles that appear in the EWF Scientific Magazine available on the EWF web site, and other legitimate research carried out by real sports scientists. Not self proclaimed, self important clowns like Simmons.

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