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Weightlifting Wrist Wraps


Weightlifting House wrist wraps bring a new level of support and strength to the wrist that has been lacking in weightlifting.

Historically, wrist wraps for weightlifting have provided warmth with little support. Ours enable the required wrist extension when overhead, while simultaneously ensuring no force is lost through the joint laterally. All force transfers through the wrist into the bar above.

In order to ensure the strength of our wraps matches the strength of the athlete wearing them, we went to extra lengths to make them indestructible through regular weightlifting sessions.

The cotton used is the most premium available, the velcro is triple stitched for extra longevity, the thumb loop is zigzag stitched for extra durability, and we used an industrial-grade thread for the stitching.

These wrist wraps were designed by weightlifters and weightlifting coaches, and are made specifically for the snatch and jerk. You will also notice a difference in the strength of your push press and strict press due to the conservation of force through the wrist joint.

Weightlifting House wrist wraps will not let you down in the daily battles of a weightlifting career.

In stock

18-inch long premium wraps
Level 2 strength – heavy
Premium 100% nylon velcro
Stretch allows for individual wrist extension preference
Length allows for individual wrist support preference
Premium 3D rubber logo patch

2 reviews for Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

  1. Dragos Haba (verified owner)

    Just got these in Canada and I am incredibly pleased with the first impressions. Personally I have a wrist injury that wont allow me to oly lift however, these are amazing for both the comfort and the support they provide. The way they are built allows for your wrist to remain mobile and not stiff (as other power lifting focused wraps would) while also providing the required level of support you are looking for in wrist wraps.

    Can’t wait to update after a more thorough break in.


  2. Daniel Ernest Carey

    Follow the YouTube channel and wanted to support. Got these straps a few weeks ago as my old.ones were a few years old. These are so much better. The support is phenomenal. Already got a 20lb PR on my jerk. Not JUST because of the straps, but they certainly were part of it. 100% recommend for anyone in crossfit.

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