A Case Against The Pause Back Squat

A Case Against The Pause Back Squat

Coming back from a knee injury I have decided for the first few months at least to pause squat, rather than perform regular weightlifting squats. By weightlifting squats I mean squats that develop the requisite  qualities of weightlifting. The main ones being an upright torso and a deep bottom position. Of course I am maintaining these requirements with my pause squat, but the one characteristic I am leaving out is the stretch reflex.

Squat On Your Mid-Foot for Greater Quad Development - The Transference of Exercises

When you squat you don't drive through your heels. Or at least as a weightlifter you shouldn't. I watched a video today published by Juggernaut Training Systems involving Chad Wesley Smith and Max Aita talking about weight displacement in the squat. Generally whenever they publish anything, be it a video or a podcast, I take notice.  Not only have they been successful athletes, but more importantly, they have been successful coaches.

Your weight should be directly over your mid foot. For a while I have been convinced of this myself, that driving through the heels isn't right, and now backed up by these two coaches, I feel confident enough to explain why. 

3 Exercises to Prepare for the Squat

A couple months ago I had a minor dislocation while squatting. My right femur had slid forward in the socket, and the 5 rep max back squat I was doing was the last straw. Maybe I was late to the party, but it turns out that you can’t just squat heavy all the time without warming up. It has taken several months to get to the point where I can squat comfortably without pain again, and that is mostly due to developing the right warm-up sequence.

The three exercises I do without fail when warming up for my squats are:

3 Exercise Glenn Pendlay Uses to Increase the Squat

It doesn’t matter where Glenn is, or what team he is coaching, he consistently raises people’s squat up over 200kg, with many of his athletes squatting well over 250kg. It is no coincidence that he is able to achieve this with every athlete he coaches. 

So why is it that we have such a hard time doing this for ourselves?


Well the truth is, Glenn doesn’t coach like all the other coaches. He doesn’t program exactly like the other coaches. Is this bad? Well, he is arguably the most successful coach in America, with more than 100 national titles to his name and with as many as 10 national records set in a single year.

2 Reasons Why The Texas Method Will Finally Help You To Squat Over 200kg

The reason you are here, wanting to squat 200kg, tells me enough about you to know that the Texas Method is for you. Why? Because the Texas squat method is an intermediate squat program. So? Why would that have anything to do with you being here, reading this? Simple, intermediate lifters, myself included, are obsessive people...

Progression has slowed and times are tougher. We need to do more work and often get little in return, often nothing. SO we look for harder programs. What are the Russians doing? What are the Chinese doing? Maybe I can train like the Bulgarians did...