Push Press vs Strict Press - A 3 Round Knockout

The push press is superior to the strict press for weightlifters in nearly every way. Is the strict press useless? Absolutely not. Anything that the Russians or the Chinese do, I'm going to take notice of. The Russians and the Chinese really don't mess about with unnecessary exercises when it comes to gold medals. So focused are they on winning that everything they do has an exact purpose in their development. 


As far as I can tell, there are 3 main reasons why the push press is a superior exercise. I reference things explained to me by Ian Wilson and Glenn Pendlay in this short blog. 

Hip Extensions, Back Extensions, Why Not Knee Extensions?

There seems to be a general consensus in the weightlifting community that knee extension machines will not only ruin your knees, but they will likely kill you in the process. That there is something inherently evil about them. But let's look at them in a different light. 

Why can't they be beneficial to me? Weightlifters have big quads, quads extend the knee, quads are the prime mover in the high bar squat, so why wouldn't knee extensions work?

ell I think they can. 

Stop Trying To Train Like The Professionals!

Trying to emulate the same training as Ilya, Lu, or Okulov, is one of the most common mistakes you see as a weightlifter. When people want to train like the top guys, they generally have the best intentions and a sense of logic behind their statement. Why not train how the best in the world train, because that must be how to become the best in the world. The problem is this is flawed logic. To become the best in the world we must look not at what they are doing now, but more what they were doing 3 years into the sport.