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Tian Tao 210 kg clean and jerk at the 2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships

Tian Tao Arrives at the Asian Champs – 210 C&J, 290 Back Squat

The Olympic silver-medalist Tian Tao (CHN -96) has turned up alongside the rest of the Chinese national team at the training hall of the 2019 Asian Championships in his home country. Fortunately for us, ATG is there keeping us all updated with the awesome footage. Tian hit a comfortable 210 kg clean and jerk which […]

Weightlifting World Champion Tatiana Kashirina Back Squats 200 kg for a set of 8

Tatiana Kashirina Back Squats 200 kg x 8

Tatiana Kashirina, the greatest female weightlifter ever by Sinclair, just back squatted 200 kg for an easy set of eight in what was, according to teammate Egor Klimonov, one of several sets! In an interview on ATG from 2015, Tatiana states that her best ever back squat is 280 kg for a triple! That’s 7 […]

Chinese 96 kg weightlifter Tian Tao just back squatted a PR 320 kg

Tian Tao (cn -96) Back Squats 320 kg

Tian Tao’s leg strength is nothing short of legendary. His speed in standing up world record weight cleans is astonishing and in the current era perhaps akin to none other. Below are examples of his insane leg strength. The first a 236 kg WR clean weighing just 93 kg, the second a 221 kg clean […]

17 year old weightlifter Enzo Kuworge snatches a personal best 166 kg and back squats a personal best of 300 kg.

17 y/o Enzo Kuworge (DE +109 kg) Snatches 166 kg & Squats 300 kg

The young Dutch giant Enzo Kuworge just hit a personal best in the snatch of 166 kg in a national competition. Though stronger off blocks having hit 175 kg last December, Enzo is enormously talented with lots of time to improve more. Just four days later Enzo went on to hit another personal best, this […]

Irish Weightlifter Clarence Kennedy back squats 306kg ATG with a pause without a belt or knee sleeves ATG

Clarence Kennedy 306kg Pause Back Squat RAW

The Irish ‘Harry Squatter’ hit a PR back squat at 306kg without sleeves or a belt. Clarence started squatting with a pause several years ago after developing knee pain back in 2012. After several interventions including a cortisol shot and an anesthetic injection Clarence underwent surgery (learn more about that here). Since then he has […]

Yang Li (49) 165kg Back Squat

Chinese 49kg athlete Yang Li hit a 165kg back squat in training this week. Not only is this a 3.37 X body weight back squat it is 8.5kg heavier than the IPF world record squat in the heavier 52kg weight class. When compared with the slightly more comparative 47kg weight class Yang Li out squats […]