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Jenny Arthur Olympian front squats personal record (PR) 157 kg

Jenny Arthur – Easiest Squat PR Of All Time

The 2016 Olympian Jenny Arthur (-76 kg) is known for her professionalism in training. Her posting to social media is seldom as is any outward eruption of emotion. It should have come as no surprise to have seen such a calm and reserved new personal best in the front squat from Jenny Arthur but the […]

CJ Cummings 180kg Clean + 8 Front Squats

CJ Cummings has recently started performing a front squat workout that starts with the bar on the platform rather than in a rack. Once CJ has cleaned the weight, a weight that is in its own right a pretty heavy single in the clean for any training session, he must then perform a front squat […]

Loredana Toma (64) 165kg Front Squat

The 2017 world champion from Romania hit a 165kg front squat in training just two months after placing 4th at the 2018 WWC. Loredana originally placed 5th but due to the disqualification of Tzu-Chi Lin from Chinese Taipei she bumped up a spot. Since the 2018 WWC Loredana has been pushing the strength work, also […]