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Las Vegas International Open Results

Papandrea Moves To Expel Aján

The ongoing corruption allegations at the IWF took a dramatic turn this weekend, with the leaking of an email sent by Acting President Ursula Papandrea to the Executive Board, in which she formally proposed that it terminate the office of Tamás Aján. Papandrea was supposed to be in charge of the IWF while corruption allegations […]

Lu Xiaojun PR Total sends him to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

WL News | Lu Xiaojun’s Ticket To Tokyo, & A Change To The Third Period

The weightlifting news from this week (March 5th – 11th) includes: The cancellation of three out of five continental championships A timeline of all IWF Corruption allegations Lu Xiaojun’s ticket to the Olympics Big lifts from around the world, including Koha’s return to peak form You can listen to the full episode of the news […]