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Brian Oliver interview from Inside the Games weightlifting

Brian Oliver | Inside the IWF

This was a fascinating conversation with Brian Oliver, writer and breaker of all major weightlifting news. Over the majority of the last decade, Brian has managed to create relationships with the gatekeepers of information within the IWF such that he is able to ask the necessary questions and spread important information to all of us. […]

Tamas Ajan Corruption Allegations IWF

McLaren Report – Full Details

The McLaren report into corruption at the IWF was released yesterday. We have now had a chance to read it fully. Here are all of the main details from the 122-page report. Key Findings: Tamas Aján’s “autocratic authoritarian leadership of the International Weightlifting Federation resulted in a dysfunctional, ineffective oversight of the organisation by the […]

IWF President Dr. Tamas Ajan investigated on claims of corruption

McLaren Report on Corruption in Weightlifting Released

The 122-page report by Richard McLaren has been released and is available here. The very first part of the executive summary makes it clear that it is pretty damning for the recently resigned President of the IWF, Tamas Aján. Dr. Aján’s autocratic authoritarian leadership of the International WeightliftingFederation resulted in a dysfunctional, ineffective oversight of […]

Las Vegas International Open Results

Papandrea Moves To Expel Aján

The ongoing corruption allegations at the IWF took a dramatic turn this weekend, with the leaking of an email sent by Acting President Ursula Papandrea to the Executive Board, in which she formally proposed that it terminate the office of Tamás Aján. Papandrea was supposed to be in charge of the IWF while corruption allegations […]

IWF logo

Plan For More Athlete Power at IWF

An Athlete Advisory Council has been proposed at an IWF ‘think tank’ meeting held at the International Solidarity Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. While the full IWF Executive Board was not present at the meeting and nothing has been finalised, the proposal does perhaps give an idea about the direction the IWF might move. The Advisory […]

Las Vegas International Open Results

IWF Appoint Richard McLaren To Investigate Corruption Claims

The IWF has appointed Professor Richard H. McLaren to investigate claims made by the recent German documentary of corruption by IWF President Dr. Tamas Ajan. McLaren is known for his investigations of doping in sport, including in USA athletics, professional baseball and, most recently, Russia. His report into state-sponsored doping in Russia has led to […]

IOC Logo

IOC Warn IWF Not to Allow Thai Return

InsideTheGames is reporting that the International Olympic Committee has written to the IWF to warn them against allowing any Thai athletes to return to international competition prior to the 2020 Olympics. There have been reports that Thailand hoped to be able to send youth and junior weightlifters to competitions, despite their self-imposed withdrawl from international […]