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American Weightlifter Kate Nye Jerks 142 kg off the blocks

Kate Nye (USA-71) 142 kg Jerk PR (Double Bodyweight)

The USA snatch record holder Kate Nye has just jerked 142 kg off the blocks, 7kg more than the PR jerk of 135 kg that she hinted to on her last appearance on the weightlifting house podcast just two months ago. This lift is 6 kg over the American standard clean and jerk of 136 […]

Andrei Aramnau jerks 240 kg two weeks before the 2019 European Weightlifting Championships

Andrei Aramnau (BLR -109) 240 kg Jerk

The 2008 Olympic champion Andrei Armanau has been climbing his way from several years of no training back into top shape, most recently with a 240 kg jerk from the rack. Aramnau was in many ways one of the most exciting and talented youngsters the sport has seen in a long time. At the 2008 […]

Armenian weightlifter Simon Martirosyan jerks 250 kg in training

Simon Martirosyan (ARM – 109 kg) 250 kg Jerk

2018 weightlifting world champion Simon Martirosyan hit a 250 kg jerk in training yesterday and it really didn’t look like a true max effort lift! This is the heaviest jerk we have ever seen from Simon and is 10 kg over his world record clean and jerk of 240 kg. The heaviest attempt in the […]

49 kg weightlifter Kathleen Winters jerks 105 kg for a double and snatches 84 kg.

Kathleen Winters (USA -49) Goes BIG in Training

49 kg Team USA athlete Kathleen has hit some enormous lifts in training, pushing the envelope alongside Alyssa Ritchey of what any American at that body weight has been able to lift. The first lift from this week that really blew us away was Kathleen’s jerk double at 105 kg! To put this lift into […]

German 81 kg weightlifter jerks 210 kg off the blocks

Max Lang (DE – 81 kg) Jerks 210 kg from the Blocks

Max Lang is one of the most well-known weightlifters in the world at the moment in large part due to his technique, of which his jerk is by far and away the most impressive. Max just hit an astonishingly heavy jerk of 210 kg, 4 kg above the 81 kg class world standard of 206 […]

Chinese snatch world record holder Wu Jingbaio jerks 8 kg over world record clean and jerk, and snatches 130 kg.

Wu Jingbiao (CN -55) Snatches 130 kg and Jerks 170 kg – 8 kg Above World Record

The 56 kg world record holder Wu Jingbaio just hit a very comfortable looking 130 kg snatch in training, 9 kg less than his best ever snatch of 139 kg from the 2015 World Championships in Houston. This lift was preceded by a staggering 170 kg jerk, 1 kg under his previous weightclass (-56 kg) […]

Finish national weightlifting champion Milko Tokola with a PR jerk as well as heavy deadlifts for the Olympian and IWF competitor.

Milko Tokola 200kg Jerk 1 Year After Retirement

The Finnish 85kg weightlifter once known for his aggression and on stage antics just jerked an all time personal best of 200kg after 364 days of ‘retirement’. The Finnish record holder mentioned on this post that he was done with the sport due to the lack of respect and support that he faced as a […]

13 y/o Chinese Weightlifter Jerks 135kg at 60kg Body Weight

An unidentified Chinese 13 y/o just jerked 2.25 x body weight and holds it in the split for 2.5 seconds! The youth World Standard for the 61kg class has been set at 147kg giving this particular lifter another 4 years of training to work up to and surpass that standard. This lift offers us up […]