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Austin Baraki | Barbell Medicine, on the SRA Curve and tenidinopathy

Austin Baraki MD | Beyond the SRA Curve

Austin Baraki is a co-owner of Barbell Medicine, a hospital-based physician at a teaching institute, and a strength coach/lifter (a darn strong lifter too!) As a physician, Austin Baraki is able to mix the deeply impressive diagnostic mind that he has gained from the medical world with his passion and success in the strength world […]

Does Hypertrophy lead to greater strength potential? Dr. Chris Taber & Dr. Jeremy Loenneke

The Strength Hypertrophy Debate | Dr. Taber vs Dr. Loenneke

Do hypertrophic adaptations lead to an increase in strength? The general consensus among most athletes and coaches for the last few decades has been that increases in hypertrophy, defined as ‘an increase in muscle size accompanied by an increase in myofibrillar protein (Taber)’, has a causal relationship with increases in strength, defined as ‘the ability […]

The Best Weightlifting House Podcast Episodes

Five of my Favourite Podcast Episodes

During the last 25 months of podcasting I have had the privilege of speaking with an enormous number of the most interesting and successful coaches and athletes in the Weightlifting World. I have learned and relearned many new approaches to training, heard some of the most exceptional stories of success through diversity, and explored the […]