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Weightlifter David Liti snatches 180 kg and clean and jerks 230 kg for all new personal records

David Liti (NZ +109) Hits 180/230 for All New Records

The strongest man of the Oceanic countries David Liti hit all new national and personal records in the snatch, clean and jerk, and total at the New Zealand North Island Championships today. His 180 kg snatch was both a 3 kg personal best as well as a new national record. Similarly, his enormous 230 kg […]

American Weightlifter Kate Nye Jerks 142 kg off the blocks

Kate Nye (USA-71) 142 kg Jerk PR (Double Bodyweight)

The USA snatch record holder Kate Nye has just jerked 142 kg off the blocks, 7kg more than the PR jerk of 135 kg that she hinted to on her last appearance on the weightlifting house podcast just two months ago. This lift is 6 kg over the American standard clean and jerk of 136 […]

Chinese Weightlifter Shi Zhiyong snatches 171 kg

The Shi Zhiyong Show | 171 kg Snatch at 73 kg

Chinese Olympic Champion Shi Zhiyong has blown us all away again! This time with a 171 kg snatch, the most we have ever seen Shi attempt. The lift itself was characteristic of Shi Zhiyong: Fast right from the floor until the moment he fixates the barbell overhead. 171 kg is 7 kg more than Shi’s […]

Armenian weightlifter Simon Martirosyan jerks 250 kg in training

Simon Martirosyan (ARM – 109 kg) 250 kg Jerk

2018 weightlifting world champion Simon Martirosyan hit a 250 kg jerk in training yesterday and it really didn’t look like a true max effort lift! This is the heaviest jerk we have ever seen from Simon and is 10 kg over his world record clean and jerk of 240 kg. The heaviest attempt in the […]

Jenny Arthur Olympian front squats personal record (PR) 157 kg

Jenny Arthur – Easiest Squat PR Of All Time

The 2016 Olympian Jenny Arthur (-76 kg) is known for her professionalism in training. Her posting to social media is seldom as is any outward eruption of emotion. It should have come as no surprise to have seen such a calm and reserved new personal best in the front squat from Jenny Arthur but the […]

Chinese weightlifter Liu Jiawen clean and jerks 210 kg PR in training

Liu Jiawen (89kg), 210kg clean and jerk

Last year’s Chinese fall national champion Liu Jiawen just hit a new personal best in the clean and jerk at 210 kg, equal to the jerk PR that he hit a few months ago. This lift is now just six kilos under the world standard in the 89 kg weight class, the only weight class […]

17 year old weightlifter Enzo Kuworge snatches a personal best 166 kg and back squats a personal best of 300 kg.

17 y/o Enzo Kuworge (DE +109 kg) Snatches 166 kg & Squats 300 kg

The young Dutch giant Enzo Kuworge just hit a personal best in the snatch of 166 kg in a national competition. Though stronger off blocks having hit 175 kg last December, Enzo is enormously talented with lots of time to improve more. Just four days later Enzo went on to hit another personal best, this […]

American Record holder in the snatch Kate Nye PRs power snatch and power clean off blocks with 90kg/120kg.

Kate Nye 90kg/120kg Powers From Blocks

71kg Kate Nye hit some big power PRs off blocks this week, the first and more debatable of the two was a 90kg power snatch, the second was a 120kg block power clean, an amazing lift for someone who’s best clean & jerk is 130kg – that’s 92%. The power snatch was a 2kg PR […]

Finish national weightlifting champion Milko Tokola with a PR jerk as well as heavy deadlifts for the Olympian and IWF competitor.

Milko Tokola 200kg Jerk 1 Year After Retirement

The Finnish 85kg weightlifter once known for his aggression and on stage antics just jerked an all time personal best of 200kg after 364 days of ‘retirement’. The Finnish record holder mentioned on this post that he was done with the sport due to the lack of respect and support that he faced as a […]

Harrison Maurus 160kg Snatch PR

18 year old Harrison Maurus (81 kg) just hit an all-time record in the snatch with 160 kg as he put on an exhibition in between sessions at the Alpha Winter Classic at Alpha Barbell. Harrison’s morning weight on that day was just over 83 kg. According to Harrison’s coach Kevin Simons they ‘are already […]