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Review of Max Aita's book called Technique Weightlifting Triad

A Review of Max Aita’s “Weightlifting Technique Triad: Exercise Classification & Selection”

Introduction Max Aita has written a few books since he started working with Juggernaut Training Systems. “Weightlifting Technique Triad: Exercise Classification & Selection” was his first and provides an introduction to the basics of weightlifting technique and exercise selection. As with any review, it is useful to provide a quick introduction to help familiarize readers […]

Garage Strength | Lifting Life

A Review of “Weightlifting University: Programming A Champion” – Dane Miller of Garage Strength

Introduction Weightlifting University’s “Programming A Champion” is a course developed by Garage Strength founder and head coach, Dane Miller. The course aims to educate weightlifting coaches and athletes on the basics of programming, Dane’s approach to training weightlifters, and how you can successfully implement these strategies for yourself or your athletes. Before we dive into […]