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Iranian weightlifter Bahramzadeh Mohsen exceeds the world record snatch

Bahramzadeh Mohsen (IRI 109) Goes 197/237 in Training (Unofficial World Record!)

Meanwhile in Iran… Bahramzadeh Mohsen just exceeded the world record snatch with 197 kg in training, which he followed up by smashing a 237 kg clean and jerk. Though not quite in excess of the world record, 237 kg has only been exceeded in the new 109 kg weight class in competition once by world […]

Chinese weightlifter Chen Lijun sets new world records in the snatch and clean and jerk at the 2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships

Chen Lijun Wins Asian Champs with 3 World Records

The Chinese 67 Chen Lijun blew his competition out of the park yesterday with an incredible 154 kg world record snatch, a 185 kg world record clean and jerk, and a 339 kg world record total. Last year at the 2018 World Championships Chen made his debut in the new 67 kg class with a […]

Olympic Champion Lasha Talakhadze 210 kg snatch

Lasha Talakhadze 210 kg Snatch At European Training Hall

The snatch world record holder (220) and owner of the biggest total of all time (477) Lasha Talakhadze just snatched 210 kg in the training hall at the 2019 European Championships in his home country of Georgia. This lift was caught on film by hookgrip. The nonchalance with which Lasha lifts this weight is staggering! […]

Belarus weightlifter Andrei Aryamnov 190kg snatch

Andrei Aryamnov 190 kg Snatch

More success for the 2008 Olympic champion Andrei Aryamnov with this comeback PR in the snatch of 190 kg, 7 kilos more than we have seen from him from the floor for several years. It has been less than one and a half years since Aryamnov returned to training after five years of retirement and […]

Chinese weightlifter ad world champion Lu Xiaojun snatches 170 kg in training

Lu Xiaojun 170 kg Snatch

34 year old Lu Xiaojun (CHN-81) has once again snatch 170 kg, a weight that acts as the bench mark for the most exceptional in the 77/81 kg weight classes. Lu Xiaojun has snatched 170 kg or more 16 times in competition, something that no other athlete at his body weight has even come close […]

17 year old weightlifter Enzo Kuworge snatches a personal best 166 kg and back squats a personal best of 300 kg.

17 y/o Enzo Kuworge (DE +109 kg) Snatches 166 kg & Squats 300 kg

The young Dutch giant Enzo Kuworge just hit a personal best in the snatch of 166 kg in a national competition. Though stronger off blocks having hit 175 kg last December, Enzo is enormously talented with lots of time to improve more. Just four days later Enzo went on to hit another personal best, this […]

Chinese snatch world record holder Wu Jingbaio jerks 8 kg over world record clean and jerk, and snatches 130 kg.

Wu Jingbiao (CN -55) Snatches 130 kg and Jerks 170 kg – 8 kg Above World Record

The 56 kg world record holder Wu Jingbaio just hit a very comfortable looking 130 kg snatch in training, 9 kg less than his best ever snatch of 139 kg from the 2015 World Championships in Houston. This lift was preceded by a staggering 170 kg jerk, 1 kg under his previous weightclass (-56 kg) […]

2017 World Weightlifting Champion Arley Mendez Snatches 170 kg, 160 kg for a hang snatch double, and 150 kg for a hang snatch triple.

World Champion Arley Mendez Returns From Injury

The 2017 85 kg World Weightlifting champion Arley Mendez has returned to training after a disappointing performance at the 2018 WWC. At the 2017 WWC Arley was in phenomenal shape, defeating the Olympic Champion with a sensational 175 kg snatch and even an attempt at a new world record clean and jerk of 221 kg […]