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165kg Plate Set Including Fractionals


These are IWF-spec plates, made with super-durable, low bounce rubber so they won’t bounce all over the place when you drop a big jerk. The large bolted steel hub makes them much stronger than other designs.

Weightlifting House fractionals allow for accurate weight loading during training, regardless of the prescription/percentage. The 0.5kg to 2kg plates have friction rings so you can safely load them outside the collar.

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DiameterFull size plates: 450mm
5kg: 230mm
fractionals: various
Width25kg: 63.5mm (2.5″),
20kg: 56mm (2.21″)
15kg: 45mm (1.75″)
10kg: 32mm (1.25″)
5kg: 25mm (1″)
Fractionals: 20mm (0.8″)
Hole diameter50.4mm
HubBolted steel with zinc plating
Durometer testShore 86A
Weight toleranceFull plates: +/- 15g
Fractionals – +/- 1%

1 review for 165kg Plate Set Including Fractionals

  1. Luke Mander

    Bought the set in a lockdown and was very pleased…. came back to train in a fully elieko equiped gym when lockdowns eased and I felt like these plates were the same excellent build quality but at a fraction of the price, #ican’tbelieveitsnotelieko. I’ve also found these have changed my training dramatically as training with bumpers is completely different to real comp plates! I can’t reccommend these plates enough!!

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