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Elite Bar | 20kg


The Elite Bar is the very best that weightlifting has to offer. After the House Bar began disrupting the traditional weightlifting scene three years ago we decided that we only wanted to make another bar if it could be of an even higher quality.⁣

For over two years we tried…⁣⁣

… and we succeeded.⁣⁣⁣

The Elite Bar spins smoother, grips sharper, and has a stronger shaft/sleeve structure. Nothing else quite compares.⁣⁣

In order to ensure a stronger overall structure, we modified the internal workings of the sleeve. The unique patented control ring locking system allows for a significantly stronger bar (dropping this bar really isn’t going to be an issue), that can endure thousands of repetitions under extremely heavy loads while continuously maintaining a smooth and fast spin. We also worked with a higher quality steel and sharpened up the knurl for a more secure grip.⁣⁣

The combination of the strength and aesthetics of this barbell is everything that we ourselves seek to build through training.⁣⁣

The Elite Bar will stand alongside you and your training, enduring all that you endure.⁣

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  • 20kg
  • 216k PSI tensile strength
  • 206k PSI yield strength
  • Shaft: Alloy Steel
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Capacity: 681kg
  • 10 Needle Bearing
  • Sharper knurl than the House Bar
  • More flex
  • Smooth sleeves
  • Patented control ring locking system – gives the bar a stronger structure, and spins very fast
  • The ring lock system also means that the bar can be dropped on its head (vertically) without any deformation as a regular bar would

Due to our new control ring locking system, the barbell does not need to opened up in order to be maintained. Simply spray some WD-40 into the small gap between the shaft and the sleeve to improve spin.
Always brush the chalk off the sleeve after use

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