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The Weightlifter’s Guide to The Snatch E-Book


This is the most comprehensive book about the snatch and how to do it better.

In this 120-page book, Max Aita and Joshua Gibson have created an unmatched treatment of the snatch, approaching the lift from both a theoretical and applied perspective for coaches, athletes, and weightlifting enthusiasts alike. This book was built from decades of experience coaching the best athletes in the nation, thousands of hours reading up on the science of human performance, and countless conversations with elite coaches, athletes, and researchers.

About The Authors

Max Aita has put his knowledge and experience in the sport to practice by developing some of the best athletes in the United States. He is one of the only current coaches in the country to have produced 5 separate Senior American Record holders.

Joshua Gibson earned his Master’s degree from East Tennessee State University in Applied Sport Science and Coach Education. He also graduated magna cum laude from Ohio Wesleyan University, with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and a concentration in Strength and Conditioning.

What’s In The Book?

You will be introduced to a layered dissection of snatch technique, from mechanics to movement basics. The teaching progression and analysis process used in the book is exactly what Max and Josh use working with athletes of all calibers.

Along with technique, there is a large portion of the book dedicated to programming. This section provides athletes and coaches with the skills to write training plans that maximize movement efficiency, drive improvements in results, and establish a system to manage themselves or an entire team.

Topics Covered

  • The history of the snatch (1896 to present)
  • Teaching the snatch
  • Movement mechanics and styles of technique
  • Beginner and intermediate programming
  • Creating your own training plan
  • Defining volume landmarks
  • RPE
  • Coaching the snatch
  • Cueing
  • Spotting and correcting movement errors

From The Author

“The purpose of this book was to provide athletes and coaches with a visceral understanding of the most difficult movement to be performed with a barbell. To lift up the veil, providing the weightlifting world with an airtight teaching progression, details of how to maximize results in the snatch, along with a comprehensive list of errors and how to program for and correct them, has been quite the undertaking, but one that needed to be done. Anyone who reads this book from cover to cover will come away with far more than they could have hoped, building a more thorough understanding of our great sport.” – Joshua Gibson

Our Mission

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