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The House Belt

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The House Belt brings unrivalled strength and comfort. 

We designed our belt to:

  • Increase intra-abdominal pressure in the lifts. This will better stabilise the trunk, leading to a greater transfer of force from the legs, through the torso, and into the bar.
  • Bring back the classic weightlifting look – a throwback to the 80s. We want to remember the many legendary lifters whose appetite for training required the strongest, toughest, of equipment. 

Weightlifting totals are increased through effortful, focused, and deliberate training. However, the equipment that we use to support our gym work also helps improve our lifts.

The House Belt is suitable for cleans, jerks, pulls, deadlifts, front squats, back squats, overhead work, and, if you are one of those who like it, snatches (made easier by our early taper design).  

The belt features:

  • Tough premium cowhide leather 
  • Soft suede foam padding
  • Supple from new – does not require breaking in
  • Early taper from 10cm to 6cm to avoid pinching around the obliques
  • W|H The Home Of Weightlifters – debossed logo
  • Industrial grade white thread 
  • Two-prong buckle
  • Eight sets of holes (in 1” increments) 
  • Two white leather loops to ensure the belt is tucked out of the way of the bar path

The belt complies with IWF rules so you can use it at all levels of competition. 

Please note: the measurements of the belts are not the same as the typical waist/clothing sizes, so please check correctly prior to purchasing. 

Please measure around your waist tightly, remembering that the belt will need to be tightened when worn, thus reducing your waist circumference by around 5cm / 2”.

XS: 52cm – 70cm | 20.5″ – 27.5″

S: 63cm – 81cm | 24.8″ – 32″

M: 74cm – 92cm | 29″ – 36″

L: 85cm – 103cm | 33.5″ – 40.5″

XL: 92cm – 110cm | 36″ – 43.3″

XXL: 100cm – 118cm | 39.5″ – 46.5″

XXXL: 104cm – 122cm | 41″ – 48″


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