Weightlifting Fraud

Yesterday I sat in the park listening to the Commissioners of Power podcast as they interviewed one of my favourite athletes, one who I have had the privilege of training with, Donny Shankle. 

Anyone who has listened to Donny speak understands not only how motivating he can be, but how crystal clear and simple he can make the process of weightlifting seem. He strips away the waffle- where my hands should be, how many reps should I do at this weight, what stretches should I do? He replaces them with a few of his weightlifting truths. 

1) Push the maximum often
2) Create a team environment
3) Recover

You Don't Want To Be The Best As Much As You Profess - ft Glenn Pendlay & Kevin Cornell

Speaking on the podcast yesterday was a very surreal experience for me. I was on as usual with my co-host Glenn Pendlay as we caught up with ex Cal Strength/MDUSA athlete Kevin Cornell. I grew up in the sport watching these guys. I used to watch Kevin in awe of his speed and Glenn in awe of his coaching and the teams he had managed to create. And so yesterday as I sat with my laptop recording all three of us I became very aware of the situation I was in. I did my best to simply act as a mediator while the other two chatted about the good old days and their current projects...

A Westside Barbell Tale - Where I went wrong

The first time I had heard of Westside Barbell I was 17 years old and had seen Louie talking on the old Crossfit Journal videos about lifting weights of 40%, bands, compensatory acceleration, going backwards in progress if I always trained at over 90% yet somehow always maxing out and being over 90%... It made absolutely no sense to me! But he spoke which such conviction I just assumed, like the Further Maths exam I was revising for at the time that it did make sense, I just didn’t understand. And so I watched the videos, learnt his famous quotes, watched his lifters lift, and learnt absolutely nothing!